What Every Good Weekend Includes...

A family trip to the zoo when it's 70 and sunny! 
 (Cam is obsessed with The Lion King right now so of course we ended up bringing home a baby lion stuffed animal from the gift shop... he hasn't let go of it since!) 

Booking a trip to Colorado! (Taking a girls trip next month to visit my cousin in Denver!)

Finalizing a party theme for Grayson's 1st birthday (hint: horn went "beep!" engine purred...)

Park days & Treats after (this was actually from Thursday but had to share because of how cute these pics are of the boys!) 

Getting in and out of Home Depot with exactly what we went there for (mulch) and with 0 meltdowns or tantrums! Car shopping cart for the win...

Buying an inflatable pool for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend // Summer days! 
(This is the one I got after a few girls I know have it and love it)

And last but not least, the start of my birthday week ;) I'll be ringing in the big 32 this Thursday! Excited to celebrate with some girlfriends this week & my family. Birthday weeks (or if you drag it out for multiple weeks like me) are the best...

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 


  1. My little will be two in September, and I'm planning to do a Little Blue Truck party :) I can't wait to see how you pull it all together!

    1. There are SO many cute ideas out there for it! I have so many ideas and just got the invites :) will share more once it starts coming together!

  2. ..friendliest sounds you ever heard...

  3. My 2 year old is obsessed with all things Lion King too! Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend!


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