LOVING: All the fun we packed into this weekend! The weather was not the greatest (I'd like our 70 degree days back!) but Friday night we didn't want to miss out on celebrating Cinco De Mayo so we all went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant and were in and out with our bellies happily full by 6pm. One of the perks of eating early with kids is not having to wait for a table because you get there at about 5pm. WORTH IT! On Saturday we took the kids to an indoor recreation outlet here that has trampolines, playground sets, basketball courts, and soccer goals/nets that the kids can play with. It was our first time going and Camden couldn't have loved it more. Basically all his favorite things in one place! I'm sure we will be back there often. My parents came over in the afternoon to play with the boys, and then me and Billy got lucky and got to sneak out for a date night once they were in bed!

On Sunday morning Billy and the boys had guy time while I went with my girlfriend Ashley to a street festival that had a bunch of local food + clothing vendors! Walked away with some really cute things and had some girl time so that was a win, too.

WAITING FOR: Our A/C to start working because we found out last week that it has suddenly stopped working! Wah wah wah. Looks like we'll be having to get it fixed this week.

THINKING ABOUT: How much I love being a stay at home mom. I guess this would be a good time to give a little update on how it's been the past few weeks! Truthfully, there is no way for me to properly express the amount of happiness + fullfillment I have felt since being home with the boys full time. I love beginning my day with them knowing that we have the whole day together to do whatever we want, and not have a job to report to...I'm just not sure there is anything better!

I've noticed how much less stressed I feel everyday because I have more time to get things done around our house + actually have time to cook dinner (that's on the table before 8pm!) I've also been making it a point for us to get out of the house and do something fun at least once a day. Last week we started going to story time at the library (which they BOTH loved!) so I plan to do that once a week, and we also started exploring different parks! I already started saving a bunch of fun summer events that will be happening around the city to take the boys to as well.

 who would hate getting these cuddles all the times?

TRYING THIS: NeuLASH lash serum to grow my eyelashes! I just started using it but I know a bunch of bloggers rave about it and love it.

FOLLOWING: Lately I've been following the cleanmama on instagram for her cleaning schedule. I like it because you focus on one thing per day and so far I've found it's easy to keep up with. (Not sponsored at all - I just knew that now that I'm staying home with the kids that I wanted more of a cleaning schedule to go by!)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: For Mother's Day this weekend I have an appointment to get my hair done, so I'm pretty excited about that! And of course to go to brunch with Billy and the boys too. May is kind of my favorite because my birthday is at the end of this month, too.

HAPPY THAT: 1) We got a new car and I got that third row I have been wanting! We got a Buick Enclave and love love love it. It's such a nice car and is the perfect size for us. I seriously love driving it! 2) Grayson had pictures taken last week by Patti Rose Photography in her new studio and I am SO excited to see them and share them!!

WISHING: My husband would stop putting his clothes right NEXT to our laundry hamper. But hey, you win some you lose some right? At least he's close...

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. so interested in hearing about neulash- and glad you're loving staying at home! it's kind of the best!

    xo, brittany
    my five favorite trends for summer on my blog today!

  2. Love these little updates!!! And yay for being a SAHM - so much fun and rewarding! x

  3. Jealous of your SAHM status although as a WAHM I can't complain TOO much! We got a third row car last year (Dodge Durango) and it was a game changer. It's so nice being able to put the grandparents in the car if we all want to go somewhere!

  4. Bummer about your a/c! :( Mine went out in my car a couple weeks ago and I am finally getting that fixed this week, ugh! We love story time too, I try to make it every week but T's naps kinda depend on it, lol! So glad you are loving the SAHM life.


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