These Are My Confessions

I confess...I realized when seeing Beauty And The Beast the other night that I still know almost every single word from all of the songs. I must've watched that movie 1,000 times as a little girl. And I sang them as loudly and proudly as I possibly could in my car the entire way home after seeing the movie. (If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's a must!)

I confess...I have some very exciting news to share with you guys soon. I am NOT pregnant again so don't you even go there.

I confess...these denim shorts are the best pair that I've found in, years? Does anyone else feel like all of them out there in stores are way too short or way too expensive? Just me? These are NOT available in stores, only online. (I would size up if you're on the fence about what size to order-here is another style/wash too)

I confess...I said shit in front of Camden the other day when I thought he was in the other room (have to watch what we say in front of him now because he's repeating everything!) and sure enough, what immediately comes out of his mouth after he heard it? OOPS.

I confess...that right now I feel like it's hard to leave the house during the day with the boys because Grayson is still taking 3 naps. I think I'm going to try to switch him to 2 (he would probably do it on his own soon anyways) so that in the summer it's easier to be out doing things!

I confess...I would love to hear from a psychic/medium. Is that weird? I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff, but am skeptical that they will just say generic things.

I confess...I'm currently following a KETO diet and am really enjoying the change in pace in regards to the foods I'm eating! Lots of foods high in fat, which I would normally steer away from. If you haven't heard of a KETO diet...in short it's high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. I've only been doing it for about a week, but plan to share more once I'm in it for a little longer! There are a ton of helpful recipes and info about it on Pinterest.

I confess...I did have some Halo Top the other night (my gf who also follows this diet told me it was OK to have a little bit!) and tried the Sea Salt Caramel flavor for the first time. That was a mistake because it is pretty much the best flavor EVER. If you're a Halo Top fan, you NEED to try it!

I confess...this blush is legit. New fav. It is highly pigmented so you really don't need to use much, and it lasts me all day!

I confess...this view will never get old. EVER.

Who's excited for the premiere of Southern Charm tonight?! Seriously one of my favorite shows. Tomorrow I'm sharing the boys' Easter baskets and ideas for filling up those eggs! Happy Monday!


  1. We have officially dropped down to 2 naps with Bennett in hopes that he would sleep better at night... nope! But, at least we can work around his schedule a bit better! This is the first I've heard about the KETO diet! Let me know how you like it and if you see results. I'm currently on day 1 with whole30...woof... And I'm gonna need those shorts in my life!!

  2. So excited for Southern Charm tonight! Also, I tried a Keto diet a few years back and loved it! All the cheese and pepperoni, yes please. Enjoy those naps girl! Caroline (13 months) still takes 2, 2 hour naps regularly and she is so much happier because of it. I does not keep us from doing things though since we will power through naps if we are headed to a playdate or shopping!

  3. I cannot wait to see Beauty & the Beast - it was my favorite as a child too!
    Yay for exciting news x


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