Easter Basket Ideas For Babies + Toddlers

You may not know this but I'm kind of a crazy person when it comes to Easter. It's been this way since I was really little. I have SO many home videos that my parents took of me freaking out on Easter morning and eating each piece of candy inside an egg before moving on to the next one. I can't even tell you how much fun I have putting together Easter baskets for the boys...I just love it.

This year I was able to get the boys' baskets done pretty early because there has been SO MUCH CUTE stuff out in the stores that made completing them really easy. What would have really made it even better is if I wouldn't have forgot that I left them laying out in our room and Camden ran in and caught a peak of his...total mom fail.

Anyway, I got the matching liners from Pottery Barn Kids and decided to save some money by just buying my own baskets instead of buying the ones Pottery Barn sells. I took the liners in with me to Michael's and found these for 50% off, so I paid around $7 for each! For the goodies inside, I like to get them things they actually need, instead of candy, since they're so little. Here are some of the things I snagged to put in their baskets... (and these ideas will still work if you're kiddos are a little older than mine!)



-Sippy cup

-Bunny stuffed animal

-Teethers or Paci's

-A new blanket




 Fill their eggs with...

 Puffs or Yogurt melts


-Their favorite character shirt (got a Mickey Mouse one for Cam...after swearing that I WOULD NEVER buy character clothing. Those days are long gone...)

-New pair of sandals




-Grow capsules

-Crayon/Activity Book


-New swimsuit



Fill their eggs with...

Raisins, Goldfish, Stickers

And if you do want to put some candy in their baskets (I will put a couple eggs in there filled with some treats!), I found these big adorable eggs that are filled with stickers and jellybeans from Kroger!


  1. Hello! I love the baby Easter basket ideas! I am doing up Lilly's soon. I think I got the same Michaels basket you have for the boys but mine came with a checkered liner. I wonder if I could replace it with the pottery barn ones. Great tips!

  2. Great idea on what to fill eggs with besides candy! Your boys are going to be so excited about their baskets. :)

  3. So cute! We had a lot of the same filler ideas! I love the personalized liners! Someday I will get those PB baskets lol!


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