Grayson: 7 Months Old

Definitely the most FUN month thus far with our sweet baby G - he's rolling all over the place (but no signs of crawling yet  - which is FINE by me!), his personality is coming out a lot more, fits perfectly on my hip, is much more interested in toys now, and is just so dang squeezable! I just love this age!

Weight: 17 lbs, 11 oz

Height: 28"

Hair: Brown - his hair loves to spike up in the back right now, it's so cute! 

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: Mostly all 9 month

Diapers: 3's 

Sleeping: Still 3 naps during the day (longest being from about 1145am-2) then eats at 7pm then goes to bed! Sometimes if we need to run errands he misses that last 3rd nap. (He's in a sleepsack for all naps/bedtime and rolls around his crib like crazy when he sleeps)

Likes: Practicing standing up // looking at himself in the mirror // when I say "mama" to him (he thinks it's so funny) // the jumperoo // being tickled // his Wubbanubs // sleeping on his side // grabbing at books // learning how to clap his hands and wave! // anything he can put into his mouth! (loves all the teeters we have and chews them like crazy) 

Dislikes: If you were to ask anyone they would agree that he is such a content baby, but one of the ONLY things he shows that he does not like is his nose being wiped...touched...messed with in any way, lol. He hates it! 

Eating: Right now he's getting 4 bottles a day (7-8oz) around 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. He's eating baby food twice per day too - he loves his food! So far he's done really well with purees...no issues or allergies (yet-crossing our fingers.)

Milestones: First TWO teeth (these popped through right after he turned 6 months I believe) // Likes to practice standing up // Is riding like a big boy in the stroller now (not in his infant carseat)

Health: He's been feeling good lately! His skin is much more sensitive than Cam's - his cheeks get really red and dry sometimes and then he's had a really bad drool rash on his chin for a while, which comes and goes, but seems to be getting a lot better here lately.

We are so smitten with this boy! Everyone has been asking us lately if we're done having kids and the answer is.... no. :) There is no greater joy to me than being these boys' mom and we definitely want to have another!

favorite pictures this month:


  1. He is such a cutie!!! I feel like right around 7 months was where things just got SO fun, you are right! I love watching their little minds work and figure out new things, toys, etc :) And I'm happy to hear you want more kids hehe, you make cute ones ;)

  2. He's so cute! With another, maybe you will get your extended SUV you wanted so badly with #2! ;)

  3. Girl I can't make up my mind on what I want!! Struggle is real haha!


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