Weekend Happenings

Monday is here and I can't be more serious when I say that I'm really excited about it...

You won't believe it {as I'm knocking on wood over here} but everyone in our house is back to being healthy again, so I feel like a BRAND NEW WOMAN! If you missed it (see also I forgot to share), I went to the doctors last week and found out that I had bronchitis. Not that shocking since Grayson has been getting over RSV (he's pretty much over it now-thank God!), but still a big bummer when you're trying to parent two kids and feel like a semi-normal human being yourself. So yes, I'm thrilled it's a brand new week and that we're one week closer to spring!

Here's some happenings from our weekend // Just some fun things I wanted to share:

Billy got me this necklace as an early Valentine's Day gift. It's from Urban Sparrow Designs (not sponsored at all) and I really love it because not only does it have the boys' initials but also a paw print disc for Rocky. I have been wanting a disc necklace (vs the bars) for a while, so safe to say this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!

 Saturday night I went solo shopping to Target (#momsgonewild) to get some Valentine's Day things for the boys. When I got home and laid it all out I realized just how random of the crap that ended up in my cart actually was. And this picture isn't even including the chocolate covered strawberry Oreos that also came home with me...
But hey, at least I got those self-tanning wipes for 20% off (thanks Cartwheel! and yes, I do actually love them-they are so easy to apply and don't turn me orange) I typically like to just do little craft items, new books, and just 1 or 2 little pieces of candy or fruit snacks for the kids Valentine's Day baskets!

I've been sticking well to my plan of cutting back on caffeine. I've had it 2-3 times max in the past 3 weeks. I STOPPED craving it and feel worlds better, but still like to treat myself once a week just because.

 Camden looking adorable playing with his lego's...he's obsessed with that plane right now!
 and don't worry, we do actually have heat in our house but he wanted to wear his hat and since he looked so cute in it I had to snap some pictures.

 This mascara...

Also, let's talk meal planning. Does anyone prepare a big batch of dinners (3-4) on Sunday's to use for the week? I'm thinking about trying it. Yesterday I made these egg muffins to have on hand for the week for breakfast, these no-bake energy balls for snacks, and made a big batch of chicken noodle soup. Now I'm feeling inspired to make even more dishes (like dinners) as well on Sunday's. If you do, what are your favorite dinners to make in advance? Share them with me!

Not pictured but just as fun was a play date the boys had at our friends house! It was also my stepmom's birthday yesterday so we went over and celebrated that with her and she gave Camden a very {much needed} haircut! Oh, and I have to admit we turned off the Superbowl game early. I did watch Gaga's performance though, and of course LOVED it. Thought she looked and sounded amazing!

 Now let's cross our fingers our house remains healthy until like...summer. At least. :)


  1. Glad you are all happy and healthy my friend - sending so much love! x

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