Happy Birthday Camden

To Our Sweet Camden-

 Two years ago, we looked at you with wonder as you made your grand entrance. Today, we watch you in awe as you've turned into a smart, fun, curious, energetic, special little boy who is destined to do big things! From your first step...first word...and first day at "school" you have shown me what a life full of love, discovery, and joy looks like! You are full of energy, but are sensitive and know just the right times to cuddle, too. You can play with anything and anyone, which I absolutely love about you. It's obvious you were born to be a leader! You are a go-getter who loves to explore new things. You are crazy athletic for a 2 year old - it's amazing to see. And of course, you are double the fun and twice as wonderful as you were last year! I can't wait to watch your grow and learn over the next year! Thank you for two of the very best years of my life and for making me a mommy. You are my everything!

We love you more than you'll ever know,
Mommy, Daddy & Grayson


  1. Happy Birthday Camden we're Birthday Buddies!! Katie, you're one of the very first blogs I started reading years ago, and it is still so cool to me that Cam and I share a bday! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

    1. awww really? I love that! thank you Jordan!! :) I hope you have a great birthday as well and thank you for reading!

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