Christmas 2016

Happy 2017 you guys!

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! Honestly, I've never really been a big New Years Eve gal. Even prior to having kids, I would rather just skip the crowds, uncomfortable heels, and chaos and do something more low-key. This year since the Buckeyes were playing (let's not even talk about that outcome), we just made some appetizers + ordered from our favorite restaurant for take out and watched the game at home! It was perfect and exactly what I needed after a really busy Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, today I wanted to do a quick recap of ours...finally. Mainly so that I have all these pictures and memories to look back on! 

I think we had 4 different Christmas celebrations this year: with my stepmom's side, just our family, Billy's family, and then with my parents the day after Christmas. We went to Cleveland 2 days prior to Christmas, like we've done for the past few years, and stayed with Billy's parents which was a good time because we got to spend more time with them and it was fun being with everyone on Christmas day. On Christmas Eve Billy's family always has a party and his one uncle dressed up as Santa for the kids! It was so cute! Cam was shocked I think because he was a little hesitant to sit on his lap at first, but we did manage to get a pic of both boys on his lap after he found out that Santa brought him a football...ha.

Camden was much more into Santa and opening presents this year. He got right into ripping the paper but it took a while to get through opening the presents because he would want to play with a toy after opening or he would get distracted, but he loved seeing everything Santa brought him! He was a good little helper too by helping baby brother with his gifts...

This Christmas was all about Paw Patrol, Toy Story, blocks/Little People sets, a new trampoline, ball pit, and puzzles! My parents got Camden his FIRST big boy car and he was so excited about it! He's already taken it out for a spin a few times when the weather has been nice and had a blast driving it. I'm sure when in the spring/summer it's going to be his absolute favorite...

Christmas was even complete with a first sledding experience (for Camden-video below-he loved it so much!), seeing Santa's reindeer in the backyard, and going to see some amazing Christmas lights up the street from Billy's parents house...

And of course, my heart could have not been more happy having Grayson with us to celebrate (his very first Christmas!) since it was at this time last year we were telling our families about us being pregnant. His biggest gift this year was an anywhere chair (we also got Camden his for his first Christmas) and then he got a bunch of musical toys, teething toys, and clothes. That boy brings us SO much happiness and above all the other gifts under the tree, he has been the best + perfect gift to our family this year!

PS: I swear Billy WAS actually with us even though he's MIA in these pics (couldn't have done it all without him), we just were horrible with getting a family picture this year!

His month 5 update will be coming up next :) 

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  1. What a perfect way to celebrate Christmas as a sweet family of 4. I love that you have so many families that you get to celebrate with. Lots of love surrounding you my sweet friend. I hope y'all have a great trip!


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