Grayson: 4 Months Old

{OMG..he is so delicious, isn't he?! I cannot wait to share all the pictures from this little photoshoot I did with him, they turned out so cute!}

4-6 months old is seriously my FAVORITE age. And on top of that it's the holidays (which gives me the perfect excuse to dress him up in outfits like this and take a million pics), so you could say I'm one happy mama right now! Grayson continues to be the most easy going baby...he is just so sweet all the time and very laid back. Here's some highlights this month:

Weight: 15 lbs 11 oz (67%)

Height: 26" (88%-he had a HUGE growth spurt this month and shot up in length to catch up to Cam's size when he was this age)

Hair: Brown, coming in more recently!

Eyes: Changed to brown this past month

Clothes: Pretty much all 6 month clothes now

Diapers: 2's

Sleeping: We moved up his bedtime so he will have his last bottle around 7 then go to bed right after. He sleeps until 630 or 7am. THANK YOU, GRAYSON! He's in Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit right now, but we hope to switch to just a sleep sack soon.

He's pretty consistent with his naps, too. He takes 2 long morning naps then one shorter one late afternoon.

Likes: Unlike his brother, he LOVES when we change his outfits. He thinks it's hysterical and cracks up! Speaking of his brother, he is always looking for him and just recently started laughing at him when Cam tries to play with him. It is the absolute best thing to witness. He's also started sucking on his left thumb! I used to suck my thumb when I was little, but Cam never did. Grayson also loves to be tickled, held, and kissed on his adorable little (but big) cheeks.

Dislikes: Burping - he's not a fan. That's about it, though.. such a chill baby!

Eating: 5 oz every 3-3.5 hours, 6 oz at bedtime bottle

Health: Grayson has had a cold/cough on and off for about a month. I feel like he's always congested, but luckily it hasn't turned into anything worse. Also, pediatrician recommended starting him on Prevacid once per day for reflux because he has been spitting up so much these past 3-4 weeks, pretty much after every single bottle. We've already noticed a huge difference and it's only day 4 being on the medicine, so that's great news!

Milestones: He can roll over both ways now (so big!), but he prefers to roll from belly to back. He's only rolled from back to belly once or twice so far. He's not in much of a hurry and is more content just laying around observing, which is totally fine by me! Babbling is his new normal and we love to hear the beginning of his little voice. He is THIS close to being able to put his Wubbanub back in on his own. This month was also my first time being away from him (because of going to TX) which was really hard, but Billy really stepped up and gave me updates pretty much every hour. :)

favorite pictures this month:

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  1. He is just the sweetest!!! This is definitely my favorite baby stage! They are so smiley!! :) :) I'm glad his medicine seems to work well for his reflux. Bennett still will have a bout with it here and there, but he's a lot better.

  2. He looks so cute.. My god, His smile is really very sweet. Touch wood. Loved the pics.

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