Pumpkin Patch 2016

Every year I look forward to going to our local pumpkin patch. There's not much not to love when there's sweet treats all over the place, pumpkins to bring home, and fun memories made!

Taking TWO little boys, though? My most favorite year as a family yet. I really hope our kids grow up to love going to the pumpkin patch as much as I love taking them! Last year Camden wasn't walking yet and was too little to be into it, so we just snapped some pictures of him looking cute with the pumpkins (which was awesome - and EASY!) but this year, in true Camden fashion, he was running all over the place exploring everything and had so much more fun.

He ran from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to pick them all up (probably to throw...) and of course, suckered us into getting him some candy from inside the barn...


He also got to have his first bounce house experience which, naturally, he loved and got mad at us when we made him get out...


Grayson also ran around from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to pick one out to take home. We could hardly contain him! Just kidding...when he wasn't snoozing in the carrier, he laid by some pumpkins and flashed me some cute smiles.


We also saw Cam have his little brothers back for the first time...and by that I mean saving him from his pumpkin hat that his Mom dressed him in. ;)

"don't worry brother, Mom made you wear this cheesy hat but I got you!" 

The only downside to the day was that it was a little muddy when we went so we didn't get to go on a hayride, but I hope that we can fit one in on another weekend coming up. It's a good thing their delicious apples made up for it!

Such a fun time with my boys!

And guess who's already looking forward to next year's trip? I'll give you one guess... :)


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