Supplements During Pregnancy

I've always been one of those people that take their vitamins religiously every single morning, especially during my past two pregnancies. I'm also one of those people that forces their husband to take his before walking out the door for work (because I'm willing to bet he probably wouldn't remember to take them otherwise), and of course the mom that hopes her toddler will continue thinking they are the coolest treat (I give Cam these vitamins-they are the best) to have after breakfast. 

Because I've gotten a ton of questions in the past, today I wanted to share what supplements I take during pregnancy aside from my prenatal vitamins. If you're planning on becoming pregnant, consider adding these into your daily routine:

+DHA omega-3: life’sDHA® is a high-quality vegetarian source of DHA omega-3 sourced from algaewhich has proven brain, eye and heart health benefits throughout life. DHA omega-3 is best known for supporting brain and eye health throughout life. 
Why are they important for pregnant women? Because DHA is a building block of a baby’s brain. life’sDHA® is an ingredient in many different foods, beverages, and supplements so look for the life'sDHA® logo to know you're getting a vegetarian source! (you can learn more about what makes it awesome here)
+Calcium and Magnesium: Believe it or not, most prenatal vitamins at your grocery store don't have enough calcium that pregnant women need. I make sure to supplement with at least 250mg, but you could also ask your doctor how much more you need depending on how much is in the prenatal you take.
+Vitamin D: Because clearly living in Ohio isn't giving me enough of this. #winterproblems
During pregnancy (or if you're planning to become pregnant) it's even more important to make sure you're getting these key nutrients for proper growth and development, so DON'T skip them ladies! Also, please remember I'm not a doctor, just sharing what mine has told me and what works for me!
This post sponsor – life’sDHA® - educated me on the importance of nutrients – including DHA omega-3 – for all stages of life.

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