5 Things I'm Doing To Lose The Baby Weight

Now that Grayson is 2 months old, it's officially "go time" for me to lose the last of this baby weight. Recovering from childbirth isn't easy, but what's even harder is getting rid of the excess belly fat. You have to essentially start all over and wake up those abdominal muscles again! 

Here are 5 things I'm doing to try to get back to my prepregnancy bod:


This is harder than it seems when you have two kiddos because sometimes dinner is late after they are already in bed. Typically once they're in bed and I'm relaxing, I'll have the urge to want to eat something sweet or snack on a bunch of crackers but sticking to this is important. I need to be snacking smarter, which means not eating empty-calorie foods like Camden's goldfish on the daily, especially at night.


During pregnancy it's essential to increase your water intake, but it's much harder to keep it up after you have the baby. When you have young little ones at home to take care of, you tend to put yourself last. Some days I'll look at the clock and it'll be noon and I'll realize I've only had one glass of water so far (and sometimes I will forget to eat lunch completely -- no more of this!)


This is the perfect time to get in a workout, even if it's so tempting to get other things done at this time. I've been making it a priority to get on the treadmill if they're both asleep at the same time, or to go for a run outside once Billy is home from work and Camden is in bed. Even if it's only for 20 minutes - it counts and I feel so much better after I do it.


...and any other fancy drinks that are packed with sugar. I say cut down because I don't want to give up my Starbucks completely (hello -- this mama needs a caffeine boost here and there!), but I can't be drinking them as often as I've been getting them lately. I want to aim for just 2 times per week. 


After having a baby, you have to completely build back your core. It's the area I need to work on the most, so focusing on and committing to core exercises (like side planks, dumbbell side bends, russian twists, leg raises, flutter kicks, etc.) is going to be the most beneficial and give me the best results.

Not on the list but I think is equally as important is taking time for myself and getting enough sleep!

What did you do to get back to your prepregnancy weight? Share with me what worked best for you! And of course, wish me luck! :) 


  1. Well done momma and good luck - I gained so much weight with SJ and I never lost it all so when I gained the weight with EN, I lost that easily (and without really trying) but I still had weight from SJ to lose which has never gone... Now I sit with major weight loss, thanks to severe morning sickness but we will see how it goes with Number 3!

    I am terrible at snacking and drinking fizzy drinks... x

  2. Love this post! So honest and I think people don't realize that you can loose the baby weight! Water is definitely Key!!! I aim for a gallon a day! After baby #2 i decided I was going to take a different approach with weight loss! I only do hiit workouts and lifting now and the baby weight came off so much faster!! I found the steady cardio wasn't keeping my interest! I also use myfitnesspal on my phone and track my food! Good Luck and keep it up!!!!! :)

    1. I love hiit workouts as well..I get bored easily and don't have time for the longer workouts nowadays anyways! Thanks girl, you're an inspiration!

  3. I didn't really do anything until my youngest turned 2 (which is awful), but when I did I started with 21dayfix and holy moly it changed everything for me! I lost all the baby weight and then an additional 15 lbs and got my body back better than ever!

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  5. Baby Boot Camp has been great for me! I can have my kiddo with me while getting a great workout and not have to worry about him acting up because everyone else is a mom and gets it! And I've learned about diastasis recti (ab separation) and exercises to help it.

    If you're interested, the first class is free! https://www.facebook.com/babybootcampcolumubus

    I'm also trying to run on other days (especially since I just signed up for a 5K-eeek!)

    Good luck!

    1. Yes, I need to look into this!!! Thanks girl :)

  6. I always worked out during my son's morning nap. That was key. I also credit breastfeeding with a large amount of my weight loss. I'm pregnant with my second now and have gained a lot more weight than I did with my son so I'm hoping it isn't too difficult this time!

  7. A couple years ago I started eating clean, which meant I cut out my Starbucks. Since I refused to give up coffee completely, I searched around and found a coffee place that makes their syrups from scratch. And it's now my new favorite coffee place. Maybe you have something like that there?
    Otherwise, when I can't make it to that place (since there's only one location and no drive thru) I do still go to Starbucks sometimes. But when I do, I tell them to go light on the syrup. Usually only one pump or two, depending on the drink/size. It's enough you can still taste the flavor but it helps cut out the sugar. :)

  8. Kuddos to you for starting to think about losing weight at eight weeks postpartum!! My little one is currently 5 months old and while I still have a few more pounds, I didn't even focus on weight loss until she was 12-13 weeks old.
    Increasing water intake and not eating carbs after 3pm worked best for me. Also limiting wine to only two glasses three times a week -- But, I'm still working on that! ;)
    Good Luck!

    1. I def need to work on the wine consumption as well :) ha! I have had an easier recovery this time around than I did from my first son, otherwise I probably would put it off for a little longer but I've felt ready the past few weeks to get back into my exercising and eating better! Water intake has been difficult for me lately but I agree-I think it really helps!


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