Confessing: that I keep thinking back to my maternity leave with Camden because I thought taking care of a newborn was difficult, and now I'm over here like it's a BREEZE compared to the toddler days! It's so funny how different it is this time around! 

Loving: (1) that precious picture above from Grayson's newborn session that our photographer sent me! My heart just bursts every time I look at it!! I can't wait to share all of the pictures soon (thank you Patti!) 

(2) These jeans that I bought from the Nordstrom Sale. I needed a new dark pair and they are super flattering!

(and if I had to link to a shirt I really want for the fall it would be this one...just saying) 

(3) Grayson's name blanket (from here) Cam also has this same blanket in another color...they are truly the best! They are so soft...I get compliments on it all the time.

Using: Our double stroller all. the. time. Many of you have asked about it or wondered if you would need one for kids this age gap apart and I would definitely say yes! We love it!

Enjoying: Maternity leave! Camden still goes to his nanny's 2 days per week so it gives me a chance to have one-on-one time with Grayson which is so nice. My girlfriend Angela is also on maternity leave (her son who is 5 weeks older than Grayson) so we grabbed breakfast yesterday with our boys...so fun! Oh, and having the Olympics be on during my leave doesn't hurt either...

Wearing: my favorite necklace that I couldn't show you when I was pregnant since it had Grayson's name on it! I don't take this off, I love it so much. Many of you have asked me where I got it from and it's from this adorable shop...

 Wondering: how I will go to the bathroom in peace, or get my makeup done (aka today is the first day I have BOTH kids on my own) Pray for me! :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! (and sorry for the excessive baby related things!)


  1. I adore the necklace and would love to get one with my kids names, but the link doesn't work... takes you to the stroller on Amazon. :)

    1. I just fixed it! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I am in love with the pictures of your boys! So incredibly sweet and precious! I'm so glad you linked that blanket because I was wondering where it was from. I'm going to look into getting one too. thanks girl! Even though I know this time is difficult in so many ways, adjusting to having two kiddos, I hope you enjoy the time off! Your family is beautiful!

  3. Also, can you me the link for the necklace too? that one is linking to a stroller! Thanks!

    1. it's www.chipandchisel.com :) just fixed it!!

  4. Love watching your family grow! Wanted to ask what lengths you did in the boys necklaces, also for the new born pics, where did you get the cute hat or outfit set that Grayson wore? Thanks!


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