Happy 2016 friends!!

I feel like we need to catch up! I'm always excited to get back on a normal schedule (including this blog) after the holidays, anyone else feel that way? I've had so much time off to spend at home with Camden since before Christmas, so I've been trying to spend quality time with him but also work on posts for this week and next! In order to catch up a bit, I figured a currently style post would work for today. You know, all the recent ramblings in this head of mine. The rest of the week I have some second pregnancy products to share/updates! Here we go: 

Wondering: If/when my morning evening sickness is going to come rear it's ugly face again, as the past week I've had it pretty good. Good meaning no sickness hardly at all...woo-hoo! It can't possibly be gone already, can it?! 

Watching: There's 2 parts to this one...we just signed up for Netflix solely so that we could watch Making A Murderer! EVERYONE seems to be talking about it, so naturally I feel like I'm missing out and need to watch it to see what all the hype is. Plus, Billy loves these type of shows. Hoping we can start it soon! Part 2...who isn't getting sucked into this season of the Bachelor again? I really wish I could say I was one of those girls...really I do. But...here I am...watching. again.

Looking Forward To: (1) Camden's first birthday party is this Sunday! I've been crazily running errands and trying to finish up some projects for it. I can't wait! To start off his birthday week we gave him his first sprinkled donut! Boy went to town on it, haha! Old blogger (and friend-I met her when we visited Nashville last year!) Sarah owns a shop called Lovely Little Designs and I asked her to make Camden a chalkboard sign for his birthday. She did such an amazing job! (She can make so many different types of signs-not just birthday ones) 

 (2) We find out Baby #2's gender in LESS THAN A MONTH!! This month is now bound to go extremely slow! Any guesses if it's a boy or girl? I've been asking my friends what they think and it's pretty mixed at this point! 

Wearing: This bag (and website!) is a recent fav of mine, which is on major major sale... you can find some really great deals on bags and other item here. That bag reminds me of my Marc Jacobs diaper bag, but just a smaller version. 

Lusting After: These adorable boots! (love all colors but the grey is different so they are my fav!)

Wishing: That Ohio could just skip right past winter this year and not drop below say...50. 50 I can handle. (it's only gotten really cold this past week and this girl is already over it)

Loving: I just bought these studded flats (on clearance for $17! use code extra10 for another 10% off!) in both black and leopard! I'm really hoping they are at least a little bit comfy because the price is just too good and they are so cute!

We also had such a good time last weekend with our friends. Four other couples (plus kids) and ourselves went to lunch together at one of our favorite restaurants, Rusty Bucket, so the kids could visit with each other and so could the adults! Cam kept trying to give all the babies kisses...it was so sweet. I'm loving this stage he's in right now so much. He gets a kick out of almost everything and is just so sweet and funny! He's dangerously close to walking too...I think we counted 8 steps the other day! Ahh! :)


  1. He is just too adorable!

    I always look forward to the post holiday back-to-the-real-world thing too. Breaks are good but I love being in a routine! Happy Early Birthday to Cam!

  2. Can't believe he is going to be 1! And that show - It's bizarre, frustrating, down-right awful. The first two episodes are a little slow, but by the 4th or 5th y'all will want to binge watch!

  3. We started Making a Murderer Sunday night after hearing that it was awesome! It's SO. SLOW! We only watched 2 episodes Sunday night and I was ready to give up on it. We didn't revisit last night either...we will see. Camden's first birthday chalk board is SO cute! I am going to guess a girl this time!! Especially if you have had morning sickness. Like you - with Ben, I had such an easy pregnancy; to the point where it was almost scared me it was so easy with smells not bothering me or anything of that nature. You are probably just to the point where your hormones are leveling and baby girl is going to give you a break! Girl!

  4. We have been talking about dumping Uverse & getting Netflix & Hulu but, now I want Netflix just to be able to watch Making a Murderer!! Can't believe Camden is already 1! That went by fast!!

  5. So excited for Cam's birthday - sending lots of love and wishes sweet boy!!
    My guess is GIRL for your sweet babe and I'm praying the dreaded sickness is gone for good! x


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