{these are actually pictures from his 1 year appointment-he was totally hamming it up with the nurses, it was so cute}

Sorry for all the baby related posts this week guys, but I'm a little late posting this so I had to get it up before he turns 13 months old! This will be Cam's last monthly update for a while (YAY! for sticking with these for the year!) because I will probably just do them every 3 months or so from here on out.

Checking into the doctors office for Cam's 12 month appointment was a feeling like none other. Bittersweet because emotions came flooding back from his very first appointment when he was a few days old, yet I was so proud at how far we (him growing/learning, our parenting) have come this year! This was also the first appointment of his where he was walking all over the place and even sat at the big boy table with chairs when waiting to be called back. Allll the emotions...

I won't go too crazy since I posted this letter to Cam on his birthday, but I will say being a mom to this kid is the best. I've loved watching his personality develop - he's such a fun loving, sweet, determined, smart, playful little boy. We're so proud!

-is officially walking all over the place! (a few weeks before his birthday he really started taking off)
-waves, claps, loves to dance to music 
-says: mama, dada, buh bye, baba (bottle), ball, and his newest-more!
-7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom)
-first Christmas!!
-played in the snow for the first time...was a little unsure at first, but crawled all around in it!
-tried cake for the first time at his birthday (obviously a huge hit)
-still sleeping 7pm-7am, with 2 naps during the day 
-21 lbs, 31.5 inches  

-his play car
-sitting in his anywhere chair (from pottery barn)
-hiding in his tent playing peekaboo! he loves when we come "find him"
-stacking cups
-to climb up onto couches..he laughs hysterically and sometimes tries to purposely fall off (#heartattackcentral)
-reading books
-doing "blast off" with daddy
-to cuddle on the couch with mommy watching Mickey

-having his teeth brushed
-waiting too long for his food (ha)
-keeping his socks/shoes on in the car

favorite pictures: 

favorite videos:


  1. having my little turn one was one of the saddest things i've ever experienced! its so bittersweet. great job on your first year of parenting! Camden is so lucky to have you guys as parents!

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