Happy Thanksgiving!!

As I sit here anticipating the day spent with our little family (and also getting to see 50-some of my extended family!) while chowing down on some delish grub my emotions are ALL over the place. This is our first Thanksgiving as parents! How do I adequately describe the amount of sheer happiness and joy Camden has brought into our life? I just can't (well, I could but it would be a complete book to read and I'll save that for his first birthday post coming up.) He's been the best addition to our family, and he just adores his fur brother Rocky.

He is our.whole.world. He has doubled...no, tripled, the size of our hearts. He has changed us for the better, challenged us, and has made being his parents the VERY best job in the world. A few times this week I've gotten teary eyed when holding him in my arms before bed just thinking about how much I love him and would do anything to protect him. It's just a love like no other.

If I had to pick one thing one thing I'm most thankful for this year, it would be the time that I've gotten to spend with him during his first year of life. As most of you know, once Cam was born I switched to working part time. I told myself that very first week that I would never take it for granted and would make the most of our days together. Well, being able to spend half the week with him watching him grow and creating memories together have been the most treasured days of my entire life. Hands down. I'm incredibly grateful and thankful it worked out for us this way.

I'm also extremely thankful for all of you! You have followed me all the way from being a newlywed, a homeowner, to becoming a mother. I value the relationships I've formed with you through my blog and the support/love you've given me over the years. I can't say thank you enough!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! And cheers to LEGGINGS...making women's Thanksgiving evenings much more tolerable... ;)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

    -Ashlee Michelle

    1. thank you so much Ashlee! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your blog so much!


  3. There is nothing to be more grateful for than our precious miracles x

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