Things That Make Me Go "Woo-Hoo!"

Did you come here expecting colorado adventures part 2? (part 1 here) Me too. Turns out I need a littlleee more time to finish it. promise it'll be here tomorrow!

It's been WAY too long since I've done a life update type of post. Oh...where to begin, where to begin?

+We have our first family vacation (Cam's first time flying!) in less than 2 weeks! We are really looking forward to having a full week all together. If anyone has any tips for traveling/going to the beach with a little one (other than the feeding during takeoff), please send my way! Especially if it has to do with packing or what to bring/what not to bring. Also, I bought a lightweight umbrella stroller to bring with us but am starting to wonder if I will want our BOB with us? Which will be best?

+For the next 10 days before we leave, me and Billy are doing a big detox! It's actually a free guide from Steph's company-you can read about it here. It's two shakes per day and one regular meal. So, we will have the shakes for breakfast and dinner then lunch will be on our own (there is a list of approved foods you can have/make.) It's designed to be for 14 days but since we leave sooner than that, we are just doing 10. Even doing it for a week would be extremely beneficial! I was so excited when Billy told me he will do it with me so we can motivate each other AND because this means I don't have to cook dinner for 10 days! Yessss... 

+We had an awesome date night last Friday to celebrate our five year anniversary-a delicious dinner at Rigsby's Kitchen and some drinks after at Forno (LOVE both of these places if you visit the Short North often) It was a great night with my love. Our vacation was sort of our anniversary gift to ourselves, but Billy spoiled me with 3 dozen of the most beautiful roses...(and new Lulu shorts and this bar necklace that I've been lusting over!)

+In the past few years I've gone from not liking Taylor Swift at all to absolutely loving and adoring the girl. She's officially converted me. Her newest song/video Wildest Dreams? Yes please. All of it (looking at you, Scott Eastwood.)

+I'm feeling crazy emotional lately about how big Camden is getting. He is almost 8 months old (and is such a busy little one!), has two teeth, is eating 2-3 "real" meals per day, and the other day we realized he will only be on formula/bottles for another 4ish months! After that, he's like a little boy and then I'm practically sending him off to college. 

+Speaking of baby meals-I would really like someone to make it so that in grocery stores there are aisles dedicated to approved healthy baby foods and nothing else. All in ONE place. Shopping the entire grocery store for a handful of quality baby food is seriously time consuming (for a newbie like myself...I'm hoping it gets better?!)

+I found the perfect drapey tee from Target the other day (see-I can't stay away for that long.) It's so soft and will be perfect for the fall to layer under cardigans or to wear with leggings. I bought the teal wave color. I thought about going back to grab a few more colors, but then noticed they are on sale for $9 online right now, plus an additional 10% off for labor day. #timetostockup

+Kids personalized Christmas jammies...already thinking of ordering Camden a pair because well, it seems every other parent on instagram is doing it. Is it normal to order them this early? Either way, I have no problem joining in on this because...so cute. so cute. 

+A lot of my favorite items from the Nordstrom sale are BACK on sale. If you missed out on them then, now is your (second) chance. My picks: this cardigan (only $28), this striped top (perfect for now & fall), and this Nike half-zip (obsessed with these colors!!)

+Below Deck on Bravo-huge fan. Captain Lee has a serious case of permanent resting bitch face...don't you think?

I feel "out" of it in blog land lately (the good news is I'm feeling a little better..thyroid wise..) so if you're reading, please leave me a comment letting me know what you're loving lately! 


  1. awe I love ALL your post. I hope you do a post about the detox. I would love to do one before my week vacation to Cancun next month. Any other info on it would be awesome too. Cam is so adorable. He's growing too fast.

  2. Yay for family vacations! Bottle up, bottle down! Already have the first bottle made before you board the plane. Two brand new toys he has never seen before - I tend to go to the Dollar Store or hit up the Target $1 aisle. More than one pacifier if he takes a pacifier. Extra set of clothes one short sleeve, one long sleeve in your diaper bag. LOTS AND LOTS of hand sanitizer because let's be real changing a poopy diaper on a plane sucks! Two blankets - we tend to take the aden+anais blankets because you can double them up if it's cold or only use one if it's not. TAKE THE BOB!! In all seriousness - we are huge beach people and the BOB has saved our life each time we go to the beach especially with your C's age. He cannot walk so you would have to carry the umbrella and him and everything else with you each time you hit the sand. We put P in the BOB, load everything on top and the basket and it's a breeze pushing it through the sand. BRING IT! ;) Y'all have so much fun and just remember, people are going to give you the stink eye if he cries but who cares! Just don't worry about it and all will be well. (Sorry for the length of this, haha, but I am passionate :))

  3. I'm feeling out of the loop in blog land lately too. Hard to find time and motivation to blog in summer. Hoping to get back in a routine soon. I'm loving that I just booked a flight to San Fran to visit my friend and her new baby! Cam is so cute. Can't believe he is already 8 months!!

  4. A lightweight stroller was fine for us. We got the Summer Infant 3D Flip, and we loved it. It's very compact, so it doesn't take up a lot of space. My babe loves to face the front and look around, but whenever she started getting cranky and overstimulated, we just flipped the seat and she faced us and calmed down. The basket underneath is pretty small, so you can't store much, but it was fine to throw in some diapers, wipes, toys and her bottle bag.But it was also sturdy enough that I could hook the diaper bag to it if I needed it. We were never out with the stroller and far away from the car for more than few hours at a time, so it worked fine for us. Granted, we drove to the beach, so we had to be very concious of making room in the car, so there was no way we could have taken our regular stroller and still fit all of our luggage.

    1. great points! thank you for the tips! so helpful :)

  5. So exciting that you are going away soon! Good luck for your detox friend - 10 days??

  6. A family vacation -- so fun! :)

  7. Yeah for family vacation (and a new pair of lulu shorts!! haha)! When we did our beach vaca I took the baby bjorn. We would wear him down to the beach! Much easier then bringing our bob stroller. Also, be prepared for the sand to be everywhere..literally everywhere on him! Im not even sure how it got in some of the places it did :) Other than that we just stuck with all his normal stuff! I know cam is absolutely going to love the beach!!!! Have a great time!!!

  8. I have always heard that airlines can be rough on strollers so I think you might be better off keeping your precious BOB at home. Although I'm not a huge fan of the simple umbrella strollers either. But just a tip that it might break, bend, or get messed up on the airplane!


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