6 Things You Need In Your Closet (ALL On Sale)

I really feel like everyone needs these items in their closet...

All on sale.

All adorable.

I kind of feel like I hit the lotto when finding them, actually. 

 Embroidered Chambray Dress (only $40 plus 30% off! #obsessed)
Rose Gold Sunnies (only $20-currently on their way to me!)
Boyfriend Shirt (extra 20% off with code HOTSALE)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love all of these! I'm especially into the off-shoulder dress. Can you tell me where it is from? The link takes you to the tunic at Jcrew. Thanks! Kristin

  2. O M G!!! That off the shoulder dress is gorgeous!!! I need it in my closet asap!!!

  3. Darn you and these sales!!! Haha :) That off-shoulder dress is so stinkin' perfect though!


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