Life Happenings Round 532

"Monday? NOOOOO!!" or maybe it's the "give me the food, lady!" face, but whichever...

+Aside from some rain (is it spring again because what-the-heck?), we managed to fit in lots of fun this weekend! Saturday we got up and went to Powell Fest., which is basically just a big festival with food trucks, vendors, live music, fireworks at night (we weren't there for those) and got lunch/beers at the Kraft House. 

We were really looking forward to trying this place but unfortunately it didn't deliver. The food was not so good (definitely not worth the prices either), but we both enjoyed our beers so it wasn't a total wash, I guess!

+We wanted to redeem ourselves after having a bad meal so we decided to go for it and try a new Mexican restaurant called Rancho Alegra for the first time Saturday night. They have a location in Upper Arlington but just opened one in Dublin so we decided to finally try it after hearing great things! And let me just say...this might be our new favorite Mexican-the salsa, cheese, fajitas (HUGE!), and my fish tacos were so delicious! Yum yum yum, we will definitely be back.

+On a non food related note, yesterday we took a long family walk through the metro parks. We passed this gorgeous property and it reminded me of my dream to one day own a horse. I'd settle with even just renting one for a year. Sometimes I wish we lived farther out and had land like this...the house next to this barn was dreamy! Maybe one day... :)

+I'm down to pumping only 3 times per day!! It'll probably take another few weeks before I'll be completely done but I'm getting there...

+Cam's half birthday is coming up in a little over a week! 

I tear up a little bit thinking about how he will be SIX months old. This has been the fastest (but best) six months of my entire life. It seems like he is changing every single day and I can't ever decide if I'm happy or sad about this. He is the best thing to ever to me..(along with Billy and Rocky..duh)

 This is the Fisher Price "Sit Me Up" seat...he loves this thing! Highly recommend.

+Our pedi gave us the OK to start feeding Cam cereal at 5 months, but I knew I wanted to skip rice cereal all together and wait until closer to 6 months and just do oatmeal cereal a few times before starting foods. He has done really well with the cereal so far and seems to love it! (I went with this kind.) He does this thing where he yells "ahhhhhh" when he wants more, ha ha! It's hysterical.

+Made a new favorite summer salad last night with arugula, watermelon, feta, almonds, and red onion. Billy thinks arugula tastes like a weed (lol), but liked it other than that and I LOVED it. It was so light and refreshing. Recipe here.

T.B.M also made it's first appearance this summer, thanks to my stepmom giving us basil from her garden. Always a winner in my book!

What's new with you guys? Share with me! PS-Did you enter my awesome Kissy Kissy baby giveaway?! Get to it!

Happy Monday! Make it a great day! 


  1. Ah Cam is so adorable!! How have you been weaning off pumping? My goal is to nurse until 6 months and then see how I feel, but I haven't even started looking into how to start weaning!

  2. I definitely dream of having land one day and being out of the suburbs... but not TOO far out ;) Jared is not convinced on country living but it's how I grew up and I miss it hehe. Also, I agree with Billy on arugula haha- I just can't do it!!

  3. Cam is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, he's always so happy! Your salad looks and sounds SO delicious!

  4. Cam is always so happy in your photos. Caprese salads are my favorite in the summer.

  5. SIX MONTHS??? How is that even possible?? x


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