Father's Day At Catawba

Oh Monday, you're like a gigantic slap in the face after a nice weekend!

How was your weekend? Hope everyone had fun celebrating the dads, uncle, granddads, etc. in their life! Going into this weekend I was really looking forward to celebrating Billy's very first Father's Day. He is the most hands on, loving, affectionate Dad and watching him these past (almost) six months with Cam has been the absolute best time of my life!

Billy's request was to spend the weekend at the cottage in Catawba...so what Daddy wants, Daddy gets! We drove there Saturday morning and spent the day at Put in Bay with Billy's brother and his girlfriend. It was pirate weekend there so everyone went all out and was dressed up in costumes. Billy's brothers girlfriend (also named Katie) bought Cam a little pirate hat to wear around the island for the day...it was too cute! 

We had a delicious lunch at the Boardwalk, got ice cream, and had some drinks outside...
he doesn't look thrilled, but I swear he loves me smothering him 24/7 with kisses ;)

Billy's parents recently bought a new boat! It is so, so nice! Since we were in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend, this was our first time getting to go on it. Our friends bought Cam an infant life jacket so we just took him through the channel (instead of out on the lake) for a bit, then Billy's mom watched him back at the cottage while we went out on the boat for a while! 

On Father's Day, we woke up and took Cam to our favorite coffee shop and got Billy his favorite donuts on the island.  Because, why not?! Donuts make everything better. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with his family and on the boat. I really wanted Billy to have a great first Father's Day...he is the most amazing Daddy and deserves way more than just one weekend a year! 


Cam's little smile and tongue in that picture....le sigh. It is one of my new favorites pictures of him. I could just eat up like we did with that box full of donuts... ;)

I gifted Billy this personalized engraved keychain (found on Etsy) and a membership to the Dollar Shave Club. He loved them both!


I'm so glad Billy had a wonderful weekend doing what he loves the most and that the weather held up for us for the most part. Phew! 

I've got a fun giveaway coming up this week so be on the lookout. Have a good day guys! 


  1. Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend! Cam is just too cute! I love the little pirate bandana he was rocking! Great father's day gift!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend..and those donuts! I'm drooling :)

  3. Such a cute gift! Love spending weekends on the water.

  4. Such a great weekend! Put-in-bay and boating are so much fun- wish we got to do more of it!!

  5. He is the absolute cutest! Such a sweet smile :) Glad you guys enjoyed your first Father's Day weekend. And we are Dollar Shave Club members, too! We both love it! Yes, I use them as well and love them haha

  6. Oh my where to start... It looks like you all had a blast! I could go on for days about what I loved in those photos ok maybe not days but a good length of time :) That first photo of those signs were adorable but seeing little baby Camden in that cute little green outfit was just to die for & that sweet little smile awe how adorable...

  7. Cam is seriously the absolute cutest lil guy ever!!


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