My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey party people! Happy hump day!

Let's state the obvious. Instagram is equal parts awesome and addicting. Looking at pretty pictures is my kinda thing! I wouldn't be mad if every other form of social media tanked and the only one left was good ole insta.

The other day I was thinking about why some of my favorite instagram accounts are in fact my favorites, which led me to realize that I have so many that are different from one another (another reason to love it!). There are just some peoples accounts (aside from my close friends who are already my favorites!) that I find myself checking daily and love seeing updates from.

The only thing I ask after I share my list is that you share your favorites in the comments below...mmkay?!

Here we go, my favorite Instagram:

To Envy: 

This was easy because travel pics are probably my favorite to look at on insta. Girlfriend was on the Bachelor and is a luxury adventure travel blogger (yeah-total dream job) and her feed consists of her traveling all over the world staying in some of the most gorgeous places. Her pictures are amazing and make me want to pack my bags and hop on a plane ASAP. 

For A Laugh:

An account dedicated to making fun of the pictures us girls take. The hashtags..hilarious. The captions...hilarious. The two poms...hilarious and awesome (obviously!)

For Outfit Inspiration:

I've told Maureen no less than 10 times that I would like to live in her closet... ;)

For Workout Motivation:


I often use the exercises she posts in her short videos when I'm at the gym. Runner up: @Alexajeanfitness.

For Prettiest Feed:

I'm always drawn to her photos because they are so vibrant and colorful! She lives in one of my favorite cities (San Fran) so I enjoy seeing pieces of it when I can't be there, and of course all the yummy places she eats. Not to mention, her hair. Not even fair.

Favorite Celebrity Couple:

Because they are the cutest and Eric isn't bad to look at.

Your turn! 
Who are your favorite instagrammers?!

(PS: If you follow me, @katiewkrysh, make sure you speak up and say hi once in a while! Oh, and sorry for the Cam baby spam lately. Did you see him in that hat last night?!:))


  1. The one where the guys make fun of the stereotypical girl posts sounds hilarious.

  2. Love the north east girl -- cutest outfits ever! And Julia Hengel is local, so I love seeing where she goes (when she's not jet setting all over!)!

  3. Love Leslie Murphy and have been wondering, does she get paid to travel and how do I get that job? I literally want to go somewhere new every week when she posts. Some of my faves are : textsfromyourex (for laughs), skinnytaste (for recipes), and any of the Real Housewives and Andy Cohen (for drama).

  4. Yes JJD is my fav celeb IG too! She cracks me up! And I'll never stop obsessing on how much I need everything in Maureen's closet...or just her entire closet in general.

  5. How is lesleyannemurphy real life???? I remember her from TB! That is my total dream job (besides being a mom, obvi)

    I love Gal Meets Glam too :)

    I love Addison's Wonderland for home decor :)

  6. littlewhale3 is a photographer who takes pics of her beautiful family, work, and day to day life. She has the most infectious spirit, bravely shares the good and the bad, and to me is a great example of the good instagram can do. I also love zoegrant_. Homegirll is hilarious and the most gifted photographer. Plus, she has made the most amazing body transformation, which encourages me to put the cookie down when I'm scrolling through insta.

  7. For fitness motivation follow ️erindimondfitness. She is awesome and lives in columbus!!
    Ps..the pictures of Camden in that hat were adorable!

  8. This is great! Really fun accounts! Xo

  9. I love Northeastgirl's feed and always look to it for outfit inspo! And I love the Deckers! I like to look at @Aubreykinch on the daily bc her photos are so pretty/colorful and her daughter is just the cutest! I also just found @blushandblooms, she has great style and is a Cbus blogger! I'm excited to now be following @brosbeingbasic lol!


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