What To Buy At Trader Joes

Do you remember all the crazy AIM away messages you would make back in the day? I remember mine. They were somethin' else...all kinds of crazy fonts, colors, and smiley faces. If only I could make one again it would read, "Me + Trader Joe's = BFF's"

But now I'll just use my blog to talk about my love for TJ's.

I'm not sure why exactly but I love reading other people's posts about what they eat and their favorite grocery store finds. Actually, I do know why, I'm nosey! And I feel like you can always find something new to love at Trader Joe's... going shopping there never really feels like a chore when you love it as much as I do. I actually really look forward to it. Tell me someone else feels the same? I really love their frozen section because I never find anything I like from our other grocery stores frozen sections. They have so many perfect side dishes or meals that are great for those nights you don't feel like cooking and need something quick.

Here' s some tried and true favorites, in case you've never been or aren't sure what to get!

+Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese 
(one of TJ's most popular items. If you're feeling extra crazy get the regular one!)

+Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips
(obsessed with these!)

+Pineapple Salsa
(I'm not normally a big fan of fruit salsa but this one is the exception. Delicious. Promise.)

 +Organic Superfood Pilaf
(Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, and Carrots. One of my favorite quick and easy side dishes!)

+Steelcut Oatmeal
(in the freezer section)

+Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels and Banana Chips 
(my husband loves these pretzels and I can polish off that bag of banana chips in one sitting)

 +Black Bean and Cheese Taquitos
(if I need a quick lunch option...)

Not pictured but things you should DEFINITELY treat yourself to:
+$4-$5 wines (because at that price why not?)
+Almond butter
+Speculoos Cookie butter (heaven! Just found this cookie butter baked oatmeal recipe and am really wishing I was eating that right now)
+Bag of almond/cranberry mix
+Dried fruit
+Chocolate frozen bananas
+Coconut Oil

Some things I DON'T buy from Trader Joe's would be their meat (overpriced) and produce (never a good selection.)

And now I'm suddenly wanting some chips and salsa...

What are your favorite items from TJ's? I need to expand this list. Priorities, people

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  1. Their egg salad and chicken salad are delicious! I agree with the cookie butter - spoon to the mouth. :) (BTW - did you see that one of the wines (Charles Shaw Chardonnay) is on the too high arsenic list brought about from a class action law suit against many Cali vineyards?)

  2. You will love TJ's even more when Cam is eating food. I love going to stock up on snacks for Ford!

  3. I love TJ's! I also love their frozen jasmine rice, frozen artichoke hearts, frozen hash browns and nuts (because they're pretty cheap! I noticed the raw cashew pieces are actually cheaper by $2 than the whole cashews, same oz. - weird!)

  4. I love TJs! I miss it so much. I used to have two when I lived in Milwaukee, and now the closest one to me is two-hours away! So sad!

  5. I love love love their red curry with chicken (not frozen). It is pre-made and you just have to boil it in water to heat it up and serve over rice. The taste is very similar to my favorite curry at a local restaurant but not as spicy! Win! I also love their ice cream sandwiches with mini chocolate chips around the edges. The cookies are so soft even when frozen, unlike most ice cream sandwich I have found. If you like either of those things, I highly recommend checking them out :)

  6. Oh my gosh..this is the best post because I am also seriously OBSESSED with trader joes! hahah! I love walking up and down the isles slowly! Friday afternoons are my favorite time to go! For a sweet treat make sure you try the sea salt brownie bites..sooo good! I do all of my grocery shopping at TJ's and my friends are always shocked when I tell them how cheap my grocery bills are (and I've done the research of comparing other stores! haha)

  7. those chips are my favorite!! Have you tried the flax seed ones? There's a regular and a spicy flavor...love them too!! I have never seen the chocolate frozen bananas...oh my word! I think I will head there this weekend ;) Also, banana chips, never had. I think that will be my next venture. :)

  8. We always stock up on their tomato basil marinara for like $1.99! Can't beat the price and it's SO good. Also love anything and everything of theirs that is dark chocolate and almond. Or dark sea salt caramel...yum!

  9. I am obsessed with their garlic salt grinder, I buy two at a time because I literally put it on everything. Also the black bean dip is amazing. I will have to check out that pilaf. Oh and the coconut oil spray is awesome too!

  10. Their curry sauces are so good! I also love their new cookie butter cookies- OMG dangerously delicious! Their frozen chocolate chip cookie dough makes the best cookies I've ever had andddd last but the Chinese chicken dumplings with their gyoza sauce makes for such a yummy appetizer!

  11. I love TJ's unsalted peanut butter. Also, their 100 calorie dark chocolate bites are divine!

  12. Yes, their basic chocolate bars from Belgium are so yummy and affordable! Ours has great fresh flowers and greeting cards too. And frozen artichoke hearts! And chocolate croissants! And dipper chocolate CIO cookies! Ahhhh! Hungry now :)

  13. obsessed with the cheddar horseradish chips, literally could eat the whole bag! the pomegranate yogurt/granola cups are amazing for breakfast! and I agree with the produce, but I always buy colored bell peppers & the three packs of romaine hearts from them, the romaine is always so fresh!

  14. After reading this post, I think we could be best of friends and I know exactly why I'm addicted to your blog! You asked why you were so interested....because your nosey! LOVE IT! Me too! Also, Mac and Cheese was the first food you posted. My heaven is nothing but mac and cheese! You rock!!!

  15. THis all looks delicious! I love Trader Joes!


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