New Arrivals Lovin'

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Lovely Sweatshirt
Sandals (love love love)
Spearmint Scarf
Geometric Print Tunic
Chambray Shorts
Striped Skirt (on sale for $45!)
Espadrille Wedges 

In my opinion, it is never to early to start building your spring and summer wardrobe. Now more than ever am I looking for easy outfits that are both comfortable and practical. Factory's new arrivals (most of these are 30% off!) make it easy to A. hope warm weather comes soon and B. to find cute pieces! 

I bought a similar pair of these chambray shorts last year and couldn't resist buying this pair too because of how much use I got out of them. They are SO soft and comfortable and I know they will sell out quickly so DON'T WAIT! The striped skirt I wore last year for Easter paired with a navy lace top and I really loved the look. I kinda sorta want to wear it again for this year but I'll refrain. Lastly, my favorite wedges are back in stock in multiple colors. Enough said. 

Happy shopping and happy weekend!


  1. Seriously love that J Crew skirt. I have it in other colors that I purchased last year but of course right now they don't fit!

  2. Those shorts and that skirt were in my cart so fast after seeing them in the new arrivals yesterday! Love it!

  3. Would you say the chambray shorts run true to size? thanks!

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  5. What size did you order in the J Crew shorts? I feel like their sizing can be iffy sometimes! They look so comfy!

  6. That sweatshirt is so cute! I love a good sweatshirt, jeans and tennies! Xo


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