5 Things Making Me Happy..

Happy IT IS 70 DEGREES HERE Monday!

Five things currently making me smile....

Iced Coffee. Because well, Monday.
(I've been buying the huge Starbucks iced coffee jug from the grocery store and mixing it with vanilla or hazelnut creamer and a splash of milk. SO GOOD and A LOT cheaper!)

Going on runs with my two boys and the BOB! I love the BOB for many reasons, but running with it has made me love it even more because it's easy to steer and is so smooth. I thought it might slow me down but nope! Cam slept pretty much the whole time and Rocky was a little out of shape but did well for his first run this year... :)

 {after our run-don't worry I had him strapped in when moving!}

Catching moments like this. NOTHING better.


I've been trying to get Cam's cute smile and how he holds his hands when swinging for a while and boom-finally got it. It's absolutely precious! He just loves the rockaroo! 

 Friday night my parents babysat Cam so that we were able to go to the Bluejackets games for our friends birthday AND on Saturday we went out to dinner where I had my first Blue Moon (my FAVORITE beer) in over 10 months! That combined with the nice weather we've been having and it made for a prettttyyy awesome weekend.

What is making you happy today?!


  1. Aw I love his smile! I know what you mean when babies do that ONE THING that is extra cute and you finally get it on camera! Also, I missed Blue Moon so much when I was pregnant, I said it was the one thing I was most excited about having again. Never tasted so good!

  2. Camden is the happiest little baby! Everyone I know that has the BOB absolutely loves it. Bring on the warm weather and sunshine!

  3. You go momma - so proud of your runs with your boys :)

  4. Katie I am so happy for you! You seem to have this mommy thing down, although Im sure you still have moments as all people do ;) But seriously, you seem on Cloud 9 and I love it!! :) :) Also that blue moon looks mouthwatering! It is one of my 2 favorite beers and I would LOVE to have one right now. The count down is on (24 weeks down LOL)

  5. That photo of Billy & Cam is fantastic. Even in the lighting is just right!
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com
    P.S. Blue Moon with an orange slice is my fav, too!

  6. I must say these are five pretty wonderful things!! Yay for drinking beer again in warmer weather! Girl you are so good too about exercising! Seesh I need to get in on that and quick!

  7. So many good things. That handsome smile always makes my day. Thank you for sharing him with us friend. What a great way to spend your weekends.

  8. He is so precious! I need that iced coffee in my life asap. Now to hunt down where in Manila I can buy a big jug of that Starbucks :)

  9. I have my coffee ice cubes in the freezer so I can make my own iced coffee at home! My sister perfected a recipe and I'm in love! :) That smile is the cutest. Gah.

  10. He is such a doll! How do you stand the cuteness every day?!!! :) So glad you guys are doing so well as a little family of 3!

  11. Cam is so cute!! And I love me some Blue Moon. Today I was happy to do some catching up on TV (How to Get Away with Murder) while letting my baby girl nap in my arms.

  12. What grocery store do you buy that Starbucks iced coffee jug at?


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