HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Over the next few weeks I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite baby items so far, in a few short paragraphs! Because really...who wants to read a book on my blog? I'm sure not many of you... (including myself sometimes :)) 

Well, when your pregnant you spend SO much time researching what to register for and what to spend your own precious dolla dolla bills on, so I'm here to report all those A+...can't live without things...that you'll want in your home when that time comes to bring your sweet baby love home from the hospital!

First up is actually brand new...

HALO's Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

What makes it great?

The Bassinest has a unique dual-swivel design that is the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to mom. It allows baby to sleep as close as Mom wants so baby can sleep close AND safe.

This bassinet is the first to provide both convenience and safety. Baby sleeps in his/her own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing, and then Mom can easily get in and out of bed to tend to baby without having to get up! Not to mention, it's really cute to look at and modern looking which I really like! My favorite thing about it though besides the swivel is all the features it has (all those buttons in the picture above)...a light, vibration, and music! You can also control the volume. It has pockets on the sides that you could store diapers in as well! 

Love it all! I'll swaddle Camden first then place him on his back in it and he's content! If you're looking for a bassinet that has everything you'd ever want all combined into one (and by a great company-their sleepsacks are awesome too) this one is for you.

Any questions about the product...feel free to email or comment below! :) 


  1. I will have to look into adding that to my registry :) Thanks lady!

  2. I think I will get something like this the next time around! The Rock n Play was a little annoying bc it was so much lower than our bed and I had to bend over and get out of bed to pick him up inthe middle of the night. Does it tilt at all so you can put him on a slight incline incase they have reflux issues?

    1. We have this bassinet and I love it...now lol! At first Henry HATED it and refused to sleep anywhere but our bed, but thankfully now he loves it! I love the vibrating and sound features, it's awesome. The only thing I really don't like is that it doesn't tilt (in answer to Lindsay's question!) so if a baby does have reflux then that might be an issue.

  3. I will definitely look into one of these! Planned on using a rock & play but I also like this idea. Looking forward to more reviews! :)

  4. YESSSSSSS! So happy to hear this from a real mom!! We bought this a few weeks ago, and it's all set up waiting for Conner's arrival! Hopefully he likes it! Love all of those sounds, vibrations, light, etc. Fingers crossed for another happy Halo Bassinest baby!!!!

  5. Help! my baby has reflux and we have this product

  6. Mine also has reflux and I have this! :(


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