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My little valentine this year

One would think that while being on maternity leave that I would have all this free time to blog, clean up the house, catch up on some reality TV drama (I might have some time for this...), shop a little, get my nails done...and HA! It turns out that I have this super cute nine pound babe attached to my hip who has wanted to nap a lot less lately unless it's in my arms...go figure :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm soaking up all these newborn snuggles as much as I can (and kissing him about every other 5 seconds during it all), but it definitely leaves me little to no time to get anything remotely productive done! I think Cam might be going through a growth spurt, so here's to hoping I can soon at least have my hands and arms free for a little bit.

Here's what's been going on in my world lately...

+Maternity leave goes by SO fast..it's crazy. I still have until middle-late March before going back to work (and I will still get to be home with Cam one day per week), but I'm already feeling sad about it. Any tips on returning back to work, ladies? (about pumping/enjoying the last few weeks/trusting that baby will be OK/etc.)


+I went out with my girlfriends to a new Mexican restaurant downtown for the first time while Billy watched Cam last week which was SO refreshing and nice! Girl time = good for the soul. I made a promise to myself to keep making time for my girlfriends even though right now, these first few months, time is harder to come by.

+Fitting back into my regular jeans and tops again feels awesome, but I still have some weight to lose and a lot of areas to tone up-post about that coming tomorrow! I give 100% credit to breastfeeding and maintaining a good exercise routine through most of my pregnancy that most of the weight came off pretty easily and quick! Dressing Cam is SO much more fun though...especially in things with ears ;)
(the best boots for babies! they stay on and are so warm)

+Vacations now have a whole new meaning. Right now since Cam is so small and we're smack dab in the middle of winter here (or hopefully maybe end if we're lucky?), we will probably wait until late spring/summer to go anywhere, but I'm currently already dreaming about it. I hope Cam grows up to love traveling and seeing different places like I do!

+Requesting Starbucks gift cards for all future holidays / birthdays / special events. That one day a week thing that I used to do? HECK no - that's long gone! Give me the coffee everyday, please.

+Cam's smiles might be my favorite thing ever. And the way he looks at Billy. I love it so much...

+Wondering if anyone saw the closing credits on the Bachelor last night with Whitney's dog? I did get to actually watch it last night and was cracking up and watched it a minimum of about 6 times. ;) Also, BrosBeingBasic on instagram. Pretty much the best. 

+Billy and I had our first date night without the babe this past weekend while my parents watched Camden. Even though it was pretty short (we just went out to dinner and got dessert after!), it was much needed! I even had a glass of wine for the first time (don't worry-just one) which was AMAZING! I missed my bff named Pinot Noir. ;) Also...not many people tell you how much you will miss just the time you had with your spouse after having a baby (I cried a few times!), but I will and DO! So for all of you who are pregnant...make sure to get some awesome date nights in with your spouse before baby comes! Trust me! I value our time together so much more now.

I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but that's all I've got for now! I've had a few requests to share some of my must have baby items so I'm working on that post and will have it up soon...stay tuned!! And thanks as always for reading & commenting!


  1. I have a 3.5 week old and I was shocked that I had time to bath both myself and the baby today. The only thing that I have time for is catching up on reality tv drama since I'm basically glued to the couch with my boobs out most of the day! The cooking, cleaning and blogging... ya not happening!

  2. He is too dang cute... You will without a doubt have to fend the ladies off him! Glad you are able to enjoy some girl time!

  3. Katie he is so adorable! You are doing such an amazing job being a new mommy!

  4. Just an encouragement.... I lost all the baby weight within 1-2 months but my body wasn't back to normal until about 8-9 months post partum. The melted jack o lantern / fanny pack takes a while to go away haha! You are doing a great job mama! When Ford was 12 weeks I remember things getting super easy!

  5. Those boots are adorable!! :) Going back to work is SO HARD, but once you're back in the routine it does get easier. I promise. I found that pumping at about 10am (in between morning feedings) worked best for me to build my supply. And any time Jake gave Weston a bottle, I pumped. And if I felt full before going to bed, I'd pump quickly. If you have ANY questions about pumping/building a supply, I'd love to help! You know I'm here friend! :)

  6. Silly me is already thinking that maternity leave is too short, and I am still pregnant haha. I am taking a full 12 weeks for maternity leave, but I wish I could take off for like 6 months (haha). Or even just be a stay-at-home mom. We thought about that, but with our finances, I kind of have to work. Day care is expensive, but it still works out better for me to work after our baby goes to day care. I wish I had tips, but I don't! You may have to fill me in once you return to work! Good luck, and I'm just loving that cutie's pictures. He is so sweet looking!

  7. I got to stay home with Presley until she was 4.5 months and still leaving her is the hardest thing ever. My advice is the first day is the WORST but no day will feel like that first one again. It's still hard but a little starbucks and some paychecks feel pretty good also!

  8. Maternity leave is WAY too short. The first few days are the hardest, but once you all get into a routine it gets better. And as he gets older and you see him with his friends it gets better. AND just know he'll never forget you and will always be so darn excited to see you which is always a pretty good feeling. My advice for pumping...take full advantage of your pumping breaks and drink LOTS of water. I would also pump in the morning and at night to make sure I had enough frozen.

    I'm super excited that y'all still plan on traveling to a baby. It's not nearly as hard as people make it sound. Yes, you have to pack more, it's more work and it can be exhausting, but it's worth it! :)

    You're doing AWESOME!

  9. I spent my entire maternity leave doing absolutely NOTHING productive (and I'm a type A girl who is ALWAYS productive). It was totally unexpected and yet, it was a season... you're normal. I promise things will get easier with each stage that comes along. Going back to work is tough - my baby seemed to know things were different and went on a bit of a sleep strike after having slept through the night for a few weeks - but that, too gets better, and eventually everyone settles into a routine. Just give yourself LOTS of grace, as well as permission to cry if you need to, and drink a glass of wine if you need to. And good for you for going on a girls night and date night - those are huge milestones! You're doing a great job, mama! www.texaslovely.com

  10. I'm taking 12 weeks of maternity leave (that's the plan right now), so I'm interested to see how mine goes, too. I've heard it flies by as well! Enjoy every second!

    I am SO with you on keeping up girls' nights with the girlfriends. I think that is SO important - to maintain girls' nights, girls' weekends, etc. that you had before baby. Because you are still an individual - who just happens to be a mommy now! I think it's so important to have that time to recharge and refresh - and I'm sure you're a better mommy and wife because of it!

    And I am definitely with you on squeezing in as many date nights with my husband BC (Before Conner)!!! Just a few more weekends remain, so I want to take advantage of those by going to our fave restaurants, going to the movies, etc.!

    Looking forward to the "baby must have" items...as well as "mommy must haves"!

  11. Enjoy your leave, it definitely goes by too quickly! You have quite the handsome little fella to snuggle and kiss :) Mommy Daddy dates are always nice, definitely get out at least once a month

    Hey, I'm very curious on where you got your monogrammed pullover :)

  12. The cutest little outfits my friend - and loving those warm boots! You are doing so well and enjoy all these moments. Sorry you have to go back to work so soon - hoping it will be an easy transition x

  13. Not sure how old Cam is but my baby is 10 weeks this week and I know that weeks 6-8 were hard! She was either eating or sleeping on me constantly!! Now it has lessened and we are starting to get somewhat more of a routine!

    I go back from maternity leave in 2 weeks and am so not looking forward to it!! :(

  14. Been catching up on blog post... Love Camden's newborn pictures!! They are all so cute! Matt & I had our first date this last Saturday - it was so hard but, so needed! I agree though... Any mommas-to-be should def take a lot of time with their spouse before baby arrives! I've found myself falling in bed at night & just wanting nothing but husband snuggles!

    Camden is sooo cute!! Glad y'all are doing good!!

  15. I am a little late on my comments but I am just so happy for you pretty lady. Lots of great things going on. You have inspired me to get off my butt and get into a regular workout routine so that I can loose baby weight quickly (when that time comes). :)


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