Tangent Tuesday {Aka Life Updates}

Happy Tuesday! 

Going back to work after 4 days off is rough, isn't it? I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We went to my Dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving, and got to visit with 50-55 (really!) of my family members. It was fun to be able to catch up with everyone before Camden comes, and since I'm pregnant they let me be in the very front of the food line, haha. It's safe to say I did NOT hold back this year with all the good food...but it's also safe to say that I don't hold back any year regardless if I'm pregnant or not. ;)

Thank you to those who entered the giveaways I posted last week! As a reminder, I posted one with Pink Blush on Friday, so be sure to check that one out. I know many of you were busy and might have missed it!

What else has been going on, you ask?

+This weekend sweatshirt is on it's way to me (for post baby!)....how perfect is it?

 (on sale for $28! this shop also has some really cute monogrammed sweatshirts and cute jewelry! warning you all now...)

+A big win for Ohio State this past Saturday against our rivals, Michigan! Unfortunately our QB got hurt at the end so that was a bummer, but still happy that we pulled off another victory against them.

It also happened to be my Dad's birthday (actually it was on Thanksgiving day this year) so we went to my parents to watch the game and to celebrate his birthday! The Ohio State victory was an added bonus...Rocky even sported his jersey. :)

(hat is from here
 this picture makes me smile :) 

+I started laying things out for Camden's hospital bag!

I bought these fleece baby booties from Handmade Therapy Kids and they are just the cutest things ever. Obsessed with them, and highly recommend to those who will have babies born in the winter. In between the fleece, there is an elastic to help keep them on their feet! The soles are one layer of fleece and one layer of soft leather that works perfectly as a non slip sole..
 (shop here-also loving this heart pair for girls! so cute)

Another favorite that will definitely be packed in his bag, that I literally knew I wanted since day 1, was one of these personalized name blankets from Jennifer Ann Style. The other side is gray striped and the material is so soft! A must have for a new baby, in my opinion. Would be a great gift, too!

I can't wait to see our little man wrapped up in it...(they have matching beanies and leggings too!)

+I'm 35 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow, which also explains why not much else has been going on lately and I don't have more to share here. Bump date coming tomorrow, though!

Thank you guys for continuing to read even though my posts aren't that exciting right now. Hopefully soon they will be much more exciting. :) I do have two really great gift guides I've been working on that will be up in the next few days!!

+Oh, and I didn't do hardly any shopping yesterday. I don't even know who I am anymore...

What did you buy on Cyber Monday?


  1. I may have to get those booties! Nothing will stay on my babe's feet except one pair of booties from ON that are too big for him haha. Even NB socks fall off, poor guy! I love the name blanket!! So cute! I am so excited that you are getting close to meeting your little Cam!!

  2. Your dad is so cute!!! And, I love everything for Camden...those booties and that blanket are at the top of my list!! (PS That Weekend shirt is TOO CUTE!)

  3. Rocky's outfit is so cute. I love dressing up our pup as well. Have you been trying to prepare him for an infant in the house? I have no idea how our pup will handle a tiny baby. Love that blanket. I have a few friends in mind that it would be perfect for.

  4. Rocky is just the cutest little fella!! LOVE that weekend sweatshirt too.

  5. You're getting so close!! Glad you're feeling good and getting everything prepared!!

  6. 35 weeks?? That's when I had Ellie - any day now... I still love our Jennifer Ann Style goodies and those booties are adorable x

  7. So soon mama!! Around 37 weeks I started getting pretty uncomfortable so I hope you're feeling good!

  8. Could Rocky be any cuter??? I'm loving all the cute stuff for Camden too!


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