Friday's Favorites

Not much I love more than wrapping up the week with things I'm loving lately and reading everyone else's favorite posts on Friday's!

Here's some things that I'm crazy about lately:

+Cozy Cardigans

Let's just talk about how I have very few things that fit me these days, and cardigans and I happen to be the best of friends. This cardigan is a favorite of mine recently - love the colors in it (and for those of you who like it but aren't pregnant-you can definitely still wear it!) I also picked up this one.

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 +Random flowers from Billy

How can they not make you smile?! 

+Baby Outfits

 If you're thinking WHAT ELSE IS NEW, Katie? You're right and I'm sorry for being so predictable lately, I can't help it. :)

I've had these for a while, but since it's closer to my due date I got really excited about seeing Camden in them and had to share! Buying baby clothes just doesn't get old (at least for this first pregnancy!). This outfit (from here) and this adorable sash (from here) couldn't be more perfect. They are just what I was looking for...seeing him in them when that time comes is going to be so surreal! Allie, the owner of Sew Worth It Designs who made me this sash, can do it all! Highly recommend checking out her adorable shop.

 moroccan pouf is from here

New favorite way to get my fruits and vegetables servings right here! 

This multivitamin shake is great - you get 9 servings of fruits and vegetables and offers an alternative for those who don't like swallowing pills. Plus, it doesn't taste bad like some of the others can. I just fill one of my tall tervis tumblers with water and mix this in the cup with i, but you can also use it in your smoothies as well! You can take it on the go or drink it post workout.

 buy here

 +Per Steph's recommendation, I ordered this insulated bottle carrier and pacifier pouch from Vera Bradley. They were on MAJOR sale (got both for under $15 including shipping!) and they match my diaper bag perfectly...

This weekend we are off to Cleveland for my last baby shower and Billy's family and friends are throwing him a diaper party, so it's bound to be a great time I'd say! Thank you to those who entered the Embellished Living giveaway other day-I will contact and announce the winner early next week! I actually have another great giveaway coming up too, so be on the lookout! :)

What were your favorites this week? What did everyone think of Pump Rules?!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. That cardigan is GORGEOUS! I'm so sad they are out of stock! PS - is your necklace in that photo a Stella & Dot necklace or something different? I love it!

  2. I love that cardigan! Does it fit true to size? Thanks for recommending that shake...I am definitely not getting what I need for fruits and veggies, so I have been looking for something! Have a fun weekend!!

  3. That sweater is SO PRETTY! I wouldn't be sad if it appeared in my closet. HAHAHAHA Love the baby clothes!!

  4. LOVE the cardigan and Camden's outfit, too precious!

  5. I love the cardigans! Hope you have a great shower and weekend!

  6. I love that cardigan! It does look super comfy!! Hope y'all are having the best time this weekend!!

  7. YAY for flowers and for getting the bottle carrier and pouch for a ridiculous price. That sweater has been on my want list for way too long now. I hope you had a great last shower and an amazing weekend friend.

  8. I love the paci carrier & bottle carrier! I just love vera bradley... I also love his little outfit how cute!


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