Five On Friday

Hey there! Welcome to the weekend {almost!}

Did anyone else get snow flurries yesterday?! There were definitely some flying around in the area over here, even though the day before it was 65. Typical Ohio for ya! 

Linking up with the girls today for Five on Friday...


We normally put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving every year (and never earlier!), but after spending too much time in Target's holiday section and being sucked in, we decided we would put up our tree early this year. Meaning really early...like possibly this weekend...who's judging me right now?! Totally get it if you are. We just want to make sure it's up before our little boy makes his entrance into the world (I'm predicting he comes early...if I had my way he would stay in until our due date, but I was born 5 weeks early and Billy was born early as well...), and since we have a lot going on between now and then it makes the most sense. 

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself...
also three words: salted caramel mocha (my fav)


This week Rocky met, and gave his stamp of approval, on the Rock n' Play! We even "swaddled" him to give him the full effect. ;) I don't think it's possible to love this dog any more than we already do... he's the biggest cuddle bug. And I realize I probably say this EVERY single time I post a picture of him, haha. But look at him!


Another nursery sneak peek! I have zero self control. I'm really trying to get it cleaned up (we just have a lot of gifts we are still trying to put away and such) so I can FINALLY share the whole thing. Little teases are annoying, I know. Baby chucks, though! I melt...


After months of searching, I finally found Fre nonalcoholic wines at a grocery store by our house. Sure, it may not taste exactly the same but hey after this long I probably won't notice too much and it'll still make me excited. Little things friends...the little things. Who's tried it? Anyone?


This week we set up a bunch of the gifts we received from our showers! This 4moms rockaroo was one of the gifts I really hoped we would get, and I can't believe in 8 weeks or less our little boy will be swinging in it! We also did our registry completion last night (you get 15% off any remaining items) at Babies R Us, so we officially have everything we need (for now). I'm sure later on I'll buy some more bottles and such, but we're good to go right now which is a great feeling.

Oh, and after we got home we realized that the employee who checked us out at Babies R Us gave us a huge discount on the 4moms Breeze (we decided to exchange ours for that one after Billy set up and took down like 5 different models in the store..seriously..) so we got $100 off the retail price, which made it about the same price as the other one we originally got! Such a steal!

 This weekend we have ZERO plans and after traveling to Cleveland last weekend, I'm welcoming this type of relaxing weekend with open arms. Billy's in charge of date night for tomorrow night so we'll see what he has planned! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Next week I have an awesome giveaway with the baby brand, Halo, so stay tuned! xo


  1. Rocky...OMG cuteness overload! Loving the nursery sneak peaks too!

  2. Trust me, I'm not judging. We always wait until after Thanksgiving, but not this year. Tree is up and has presents underneath!

    1. haha! Wow I'm impressed! And thanks for the no judgement ;)

  3. Hahahahaha Rocky in the Rock N' Play - hysterical.

    I had a good friend who found a similar nonalcoholic wine and just sipped it at holiday parties because it made her feel more festive, I totally get that! :)

  4. I've never tried it but I've heard Fre wines are really great! Happy Friday :)


  5. The Fre champagne and chardonnay are actually pretty good! But there is a teeny bit of alcohol still in there...I split a bottle of the champagne with another preggo friend and we SWORE we were starting to feel a little something. Or maybe we're just that paranoid?!

  6. oh a salted caramel mocha or hot chocolate is MY FAV!!!! so yummy!!!

  7. I can't wait to see the rest of the nursery, those little chucks are adorable! I want to put my tree up this weekend but my hubby won't let me :(

  8. Rocky is so stinking cute!! Sooo exciting about the nursery & getting everything set up! I can't wait to see it all!!

  9. I got Fre at Target when I was pregnant. Great fill in, and the merlot was my fave. Warning though- it does NOT keep like wine. Maybe you're supposed to put it in the fridge? But I left mine out and when I went back to drink an opened bottle like two weeks later it was horrible.

  10. Love that pic of Rocky. Melts my heart! I have been debating putting up our tree early as well.

  11. Oh my gosh Rocky! Seriously so adorable.

  12. I had Fre Chardonnay on our cruise last year...I was shocked the cruise ship had it and I was shocked it actually tasted more like wine than grape juice! Enjoy your date night, unfortunately for us, that's one of those rare occasions now that we have Lucy :)

  13. Rocky is the cutest and I can’t wait to see the nursery!

  14. Rocky is sooooo cute! I love the idea of putting up the tree early - I usually don't want to take mine down, so I'm the freak that doesn't take it down until the 2nd (or 3rd) week in January. Maybe I'll put it up early - so I can take it down like a normal person:) FRE wine is pretty good - thankfully I'm not pregnant so I get to enjoy the 'high-test'. And I just have to comment - your ring in that picture is gorgeous! Absolutely love it!

  15. I can't wait to see your nursery reveal..it looks like it is going to be adorable! Also, our little one loved his rock n play so I hope yours does too. He slept in it every night for 5 weeks until we put him in his crib. The mamaroo is also amazing! We have ours in the living room and our little loves it. I definitely recommend them and when he is a few weeks old think about adding a little mirror to the hanging mobile so he can see himself - works like a charm for us.

    Life As A Hughes

  16. I have never even heard of Fre! I can't wait to see the nursery! I love the colors you selected.

  17. Ah! I am glad I am not alone with the whole decorating for Christmas early thing. :P I plan on decorating this week! Eeeee! I love it!


  18. Rocky is the cutest! And nothing wrong with getting into the festive season a bit early! :)

  19. OMG!! This is all getting so exciting - and how adorable is Rocky (your other baby!) x

  20. I love all the baby stuff! It's never too early for Christmas ;) especially with a baby on the way!



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