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Hey there! Happy Tuesday!

I'm showing up late to the blog party (for the second week in a row) this week, which is never a great look so I apologize. The past two Sunday's we've had baby showers and I've been so exhausted afterwards (and busy organizing!) so the Monday's have been a little rough and usually consist of me really, really missing some caffeine.

I decided since I did a baby shower recap last week that instead I'm just going to tie our couples shower that happened on Sunday into my bump date for tomorrow (THIRD.TRIMESTER.PEOPLE!)

Instead, today you get all the awesome ramblings in my head and current happenings! 

+We got the moroccan pouf ottoman for Camden's nursery in the mail last week (from here!) It's perfect for our space and better than I had imagined. Much softer than it looks, too! I wanted something that I could later transition to a different room in our house, so this is perfect for that.

moroccan pouf ottoman, ottoman, pouf

+I can't get enough of the blanket scarves, just like practically every other girl/blogger right now. I can't help it, I want them all! 

Recently, I came across this one (in some of the best color combinations) and fell in love. If some of you haven't found the Target one I posted about last week, these are a great alternative and at a great price! You're welcome. :) 

 shop them here

+We went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show over the weekend and I only had ONE pumpkin related item...a big pumpkin ice cream cone that someone (not to name any names) was drooling over. 

I was unimpressed with the selection of items this year (and it was SO crowded!) - but we did also get some pumpkin donuts for the following morning, which were delicious as always...

+A special delivery came yesterday from my favorite little Texan and her hubby! 

She absolutely spoiled Camden rotten and got him some of the cutest gifts! Not to mention, had these hilarious hash tags written all over the box...(and yes, she did mail me maxi pads...she had a big unopened bag leftover and knew they are in my future, unfortunately. And let's face it, I appreciate it because going to the store to buy pads isn't exactly at the top of my list. She also sent lots of newborn diapers, and some treats for Rocky from Oakley. Girlfriend had it all covered!) 

+Speaking of Rocky. He's over here still being overly attached to his mama! It melts my heart! When he slept on me like this, I just kept imagining when the day that Camden is finally here and being able to see both of them together. I honestly can't wait for that!

and I definitely need to print this first pic for Camden's baby book!

+I've been using this Kate Spade planner for over a month now and couldn't recommend it enough. It's probably my favorite planner that I've ever had (which has been A LOT!) It's the perfect size and the weekly day pages are large enough for all my random to-do's!

+My girlfriends who hosted our couples shower this past weekend gave us one of the cutest gifts! They filled a really big basket with "post baby" items and had cute tags with explanations on each item. For example...this post baby date night wine, a candle, and some others! You all probably know how excited I am to crack open this wine, right?!

I can't believe that tomorrow I will be sharing my first third trimester bumpdate!

It feels crazy to even type that. See you tomorrow!


  1. Those photos of Rocky melt my heart! Too stinkin' sweet.

  2. That picture of Rocky and your bump melts my heart. Thanks for the update on the scarves since I have had no luck with the Target version.

  3. OMG could Rocky be any cuter? Love the gift from Steph, what a cute idea.
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  4. Awww, your pup laying on your baby bump....that needs to go in a frame! PRECIOUS!

  5. OMG I love the pic of Rocky laying on your belly! Too sweet! Also dying over the package from Steph. I just sent one similar to it to my aunt who just had her baby boy and I felt like an idiot sending her maxi pads! haha

  6. Rocky is going to be a great big brother! How sweet is he?!? We went to the Pumpkin Show on Saturday, and it was crazy busy. I wanted to get pumpkin donuts from the bakery there in town, but there was an hour wait in line and the group I was with wasn't having it. Luckily we found another stand that had them with only about a 10 min wait (which is still crazy), but they are so good!!

  7. Awe Rocky is so cute!!!! He is going to be the best big furbrother ever!

  8. What color is the moroccan pouf ottoman that you got? I love it!

  9. Aw man, I am loving all these pregnancy posts!!! Steph is just the besets - what an awesome gift! And such a clever post-baby gift too x

  10. LOL at "#realfriendsmailyoumaxipads"!! And Rocky is too cute with your bump. Wish I could get my two year old to be that still just once for a pic with my bump...it's just not happening...too much energy!! Happy third trimester...we are getting so close! :)

  11. That box Stephanie sent you - she cracks me up!! But, so sweet of her!! Love the pouf! I can't wait to see his room!

  12. The box of stuff Steph sent you is so sweet! And the picture of Rocky with his head on your belly might be the cutest thing I have ever seen.


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