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(or you know, also known as the currently posts...)

Watching: Bachelorette...what else? My favorite guys for Andi are Josh and Chris. Josh and Andi's connection seems effortless, and I adore his sense of humor (the bird clip-hilarious!). Chris is just an all around great guy it seems. I used to really like Marcus, but he's coming off as too cheesy now and spitting out all the I'm falling in love with you's so soon. (oh, and I can't believe she gave Marquel the boot! I really liked him!)

Recommending: this amaze hair growth treatment. If your hair is having trouble growing past a certain length, this is for you! I'm 110% obsessed with this stuff and saw results halfway through this container. Another will be purchased when I run out!

Wanting these to show up on my doorstep: Funny you should ask! this dress (print is amazing, no?), these gold sandals, this adorable phone case, and this workout tank (in all colors, please and thanks..)

Loving: Wrenn Jewelry! I have been looking for chic pieces like this for a while and I could not love or recommend this shop anymore. Timeless and chic (and so many different stones and styles you can pick from!) They have a customer for life right here!

Using My: Pineapple beach towel + striped tote the most these days for the pool and running errands. Hint hint...both are now on sale! (get 40% off the tote with code "thanks") 


Craving: this green smoothie (pineapple + spinach = so good!!)  that I get from my gym...I've been getting it nearly every time I'm there after a workout. #hooked

Telling you to: not forget about Bath and Body Works / VS semi-annual sale going on NOW!! Go stock up on your favorites, ladies! (for me this means the Citron Cedarwood 3wick candle...I could buy 20 of them and it wouldn't be enough! Can you say obsessed?)

Looking forward to: this entire summer, but I'll start with this weekend and next week first. Billy has a bachelor party all weekend, so I've made some fun plans with girlfriends and plan to get a lot done around our house. A mani/pedi might somehow sneak it's way into those plans as well...I can't be too sure ;) Next week we have some fun things planned as well! Gotta love the summertime (that is officially Saturday and the heat around here has definitely let us know about it-not complaining at all, it's been wonderful)

After that? We have two weddings back to back the first two weekends in July (that me and Billy are both in!) Wedding season has official begun, folks.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 
Share your recent favorites (or shopping damage) with me!


  1. Oh man! Thanks for the reminder about Bath and Body and VS sales, I need to hit those up immediately!

    I'm not watching the bachelorette this season, but I'm hearing it's pretty entertaining!

  2. I love your beach towel! I'm loving anything with pineapples too lately. I really want the Alex and Ani pineapple bangle. It's so cute!

    I'm also loving that emerald statement ring! So pretty!

    Hope you and Rocky have a great weekend while Billy's away!

  3. Loving all of this! Especially that dress - you're going to rock it! :)

  4. That smoothie looks and sounds so refreshing!!! I might have to try that combo this week ;) Never thought to just do spinach and pineapple

  5. That dress is precious! I may need to try that smoothie this week!

  6. Oh crap! I forgot about the semi-annual sale. Now I need to go. I have SO many candles, but they're so cheap now!! Also, I totally agree with you about Marquel. If he's the next bachelor, I'm TOTALLY signing up for the show. :)

  7. I totally feel the same way about everything you said regarding the Bachelorette!

  8. That Wrenn Jewelry is gorgeous and so affordable! I'll be picking up some soon! I also need to try that hair treatment. I have been trying to grow my hair forever and it just won't grow....maybe that will help.

  9. Josh actually lives in my building and he’s even cuter in person! Word on the street is he makes it to the end.... :)

  10. Love those sandals and that dress!

    Mom usually goes to Bath and Body works and comes out with a ridiculous amount of sprays, candles, and body wash. So I normally just go through her million bags and pick out what I want. She probably wouldn't even notice if I just took a couple without asking...oh wait I already did that.

  11. Just ordered that phone case... thanks for sharing! ;)

  12. I hit up the Bath & Body works sale and had to walk a mile back to work with those heavy 3 wick candles! I picked up poppies and suntan - which smells exactly like a day at the beach! Didn't see that cedarwood candle wish I had!

  13. Love that towel girl - gotta love pineapples in Summer x

  14. I too am sad that Marquel left :( I really liked him. But I would have to say my favorite is Nick. Such a cutie. I was never much of a fan of Marcus, I don't know but something is just weird about him.


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