one//my new favorite chucks! If you order, get a half size down (and also wearing the most comfortable denim shorts you will ever wear...two words: elastic waistband)
two//my favorite things to brighten up my desk space...colorful bag, flowers from Billy, and my seersucker monogrammed mason jar!
three//we had our first bonfire in the backyard this past Saturday night with friends! I could sit out there all night long...s'mores, anyone?
four//it's fro-yo season, friends. my favorite combo? raspberry with dark chocolate with oreos and gummy bears on top. I'm totally predictable and get it 99% of the time.
five//daily inspiration :)
six//when I was in Texas earlier this month, I found the cutest macaron trinket box while shopping and many of you asked where you could find it! After some searching, I found the same ones available hereand here! I like to put earrings or some of my rings in it, and it could even house some vitamins or pills
seven//Easter selfie
eight//after some super long days, we finished working in our yard this weekend! We are so happy we got it done so early this year (with the exception of planting some flowers next month), so an afternoon refresher (tito's mixed with la croix-amazing combo) it was!
nine//this little boy helped us work - aka sat on his butt and "greeted" all the neighbors that walked by...

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*Here is a post I did on all my favorite ways to edit your Instagram pictures. 

PS-Thank you all for entering the Bib Jewelry giveaway, I'm so happy with the response of this! Today is the last day so if you haven't entered, get to it. 

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Yay for bonfires and yummy fro-yo! Took my parents for their first fro-yo experience this weekend! They loved it!

    And at least your little helper looked cute while sitting on his butt!

    1. first one?! How sweet of you to take them! And yes, Rocky is the king of sitting on his butt but we don't mind ;)

  2. I freaking LOVE Rocky.... that is all ;)

  3. I think little man had it made! Sitting on his booty greeting everyone :)

  4. I need Rocky's job ;) I have been LOVING being able to be outside so much recently.

  5. Just ordered the Macaron box from Urban Outfitters! I have been looking for something small to carry my vitamins in that I take at lunch. What a great suggestion :)

  6. Your pictures make me long for the warm weather. We don't quite have it yet here in MN. Soon though! I can't wait!

  7. Love your mason jars...and I'm desperate for the rain to stop so we can start having some good 'ol bonfires around here.

  8. Loving the flowers in your garden! I love the look of flowers but have the black thumb of death when it comes to plants.
    I just tried la Croix this weekend and was looking to see what would be great to mix with it, what its tito? I'll have to try it!

  9. You had me sold my the first picture. Elastic waistband, yes please! I have been wanting to try LaCroix for years but dont want to waste money on a 6 pack. Looking for single serve bottles. Hope you have a great Wednesday lovely!

  10. Love that nail polish what brand and color is it?

  11. Fro-yo season is one of my all time favorites. Bring on the sprinkles and lots of toppings!

  12. Bonfires are one of my favorite things in the world!


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