Five On Friday


They say if the shirt fits, buy it in 3 colors. Or something like that. Well, I found these tops at Express and fell in love with the fit and comfort of them so I came home with 3 of them (one striped, one bright salmon, and one white). These shirts are so flattering, scoop one (or a few) up for spring! Right now, they have buy one get one for $10, AND $15 off $30. You're welcome...

 Blazer from TJ Maxx (similar) / Jeans (only $20 right now) / Boots


Bringing fruit infused water in mason jars to work is a great way to get your daily water intake and it's much more tasty! I let the fruits sit for a morning before starting to drink it... yum yum! 


I shared this deal on my instagram, but retailmenot.com has a $10 off in-store coupon right now for GNC where you can get a box of Quest bars for only $16. Seriously a steal! If you've been wanting to give these bars a try, now is your chance to get a really good deal on them.

 {love my chucks for spring and you can find them here!}


Electronic leather recliners should be in EVERY movie theatre...

{when I saw the Lone Survivor with my Dad}


The other day, I mentioned how sweatshirt dresses are one of my favorite casual but cute pieces for spring. This J.Crew one is no exception! So comfortable and I can't wait to wear it without all these layers once it warms up...

J. Crew Sweatshirt Dress; no longer available (but loving this similar one, and this striped one from Gap) / Booties / Leather Jacket (similar) / Bauble Bar Necklace (similar) / my new Alex and Ani 'Initial' Bangle

This weekend I'm excited to have dinner with a few of my girlfriends tomorrow night, and it's also my friend's baby shower on Sunday! It's going to be 50 tomorrow so I'm envisioning a patio at a Mexican restaurant in my future (this is not a stretch in the slightest...)

you can link up with the girls here.

Happy happy weekend everyone!


  1. OMG - I die. That sweatshirt dress is too cute! And the leather jacket with tights - perfect winter outfit :) You are making my shopping list grow!

  2. I had all but given up on finding beautiful work blouses ... and then you commented to look at Express via IG ... and then this post! It was meant to be. Thank you lady!

  3. I recently discovered your blog and it is so fantastic! Definitely look forward to following along :) I do the same thing when I find a good shirt, I buy it in 3-4 different colors. OBSESSED ;) great idea for the fruit infused water in mason jars! I drink plenty of water at work but nothing quite as tasty.

  4. The infused water idea....perfect! Thanks for the tip :)

  5. Love both of the looks!! Express is always such a hit or miss...but that one looks great!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Chips and salsa with a margaritas just taste better outside!

  7. I love those shirts...they look super soft. I'm totally the same way though - when I like something I get it in multiple colors. TJ makes fun of me, but oh well. Other randoms: been craving a cinnamon roll for weeks, so those Quest bars might help, and anytime I see you post wearing those Chucks...I want them :)

  8. Love that top outfit with the coral blazer, so chic! I live in Dallas so I think it's hilarious when people up north think that 50 is nice "spring" weather because I am still bundled up when it's 50 out! haha Have a fun weekend!

  9. I love love love that sweatshirt dress, so cute! You always find the best stuff! Have a great weekend lady :)

  10. Sweatshirt dress sounds up my ally right now. I get so bored of wearing pants to work and since I have a little one growing I need clothes that are comfortable! I will have to check those out!

  11. cookie dough quests are my fav!! Happy Weekend!

  12. Loving the dress with that jacket! Oh Spring...I hear you a callin :)

  13. I love this shirt with the pink blazer!! It is so spring! And put fruits in water is a good idea, I will try!

  14. I didn't even make it past #1 without detouring slightly over to express.com... :) You have great style!

  15. 1. I have enjoyed lemon and strawberry water this past week and LOVED IT.
    2. I need your new bed...like yesterday.
    3. I recently tried on that same JCrew dress and might need to go back to get it!



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