The Best Free Gift Tag Printables

I have a confession to share with you all...

My girlfriend is wrapping all of our gifts tonight at my house. To my defense, she loves to wrap and jumped at the chance when I told her I would throw some wine her way. Some may call it bribery, I call it smart.

I hate wrapping gifts. I suck at wrapping gifts. I will do anything to avoid busting out the scissors, tape, and paper. Now, do I enjoy shopping for the cutest wrapping paper around? Ab-so-fricken-lutely (and hit the jackpot this year on some great gold Kraft paper designs from TJ Maxx.)

I'm also one of those who would rather find cute, free gift tag printables online rather than pay for the generic ones at the store. Today, I rounded up the best free gift tag printables from all over the web to help you with your wrapping. All you have to do is click the links and print them out! Easy peasy.

gift tags free printable gift tags christmas gift tags
 {hello cute chalkboard ones!}

{the "never judge a gift by its wrapping" is perfect for me...ha}


  1. I absolutely love the printables (thanks for sharing) and I love wrapping too! It's even more fun with some wine. I always get stuck wrapping for my Mother and get talked into helping my BFF wrap for her four little girls. We make fun out of it. I'm sure she will make good use out of these printables!

  2. Oh my gosh, thankkkkssss! Love em! :)

  3. SO cute. I too hate wrapping and am really digging this bribery idea.

  4. I suck at wrapping lol! These tags are so adorable :)

  5. I love wrapping gifts and cannot wait to wrap everything this weekend! I needed some tags too so I am definitely snagging some of these!! Thanks so much

  6. Oh my gosh! When she's done can y'all both come to Texas. I'll meet you at Steph's house. hehe YAY for printable gift tags though. Why oh why can't I be crafty enough to make something like that! le sigh!

  7. AHH i love these!!! :D stealing some! also i cant stand wrapping...kurt cringes when I wrap because he is so OCD about making sure each side is perfect and im just like YO. CHILL!

    i'd be wine-ing with you too! Bottle for you bottle for me! :D

  8. YOU AND I BOTH!!! I am SO bad at wrapping gifts. It's giftbags for EVERYONE. haha hard for me to mess that up ;)
    these are SUCH cute tags!! I love the chalkboard looking ones (:

  9. These are too much fun....now who is going to cut them for me?? LOL! And I am right there with you...I HATE wrapping gifts...I loathe and 100% suck at it!!


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