Gift Guide: Gym Essentials {Inspired by #VSFashionShow}

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DETAILS: Shoes / Yoga Towels Gift Set / Water Bottle / Essential Hoodie (fav #1-so many colors!) / Nike Pro Top'Live In' Leggings (fav #2) / Baby-G Digital Watch (love this color) / Hair Ties / Duffel Bag (fav #3) / Nike Pro Pants / Vest (more colors) / Duffel Bag / Earbuds / Nike Shoes / Nike Pro Side Tie Top / Foot Cream / Dry Shampoo / Shorts (on sale!) / Running Gloves / Adidas Fleece Hoodie / Nike Shoes / Polar Watch / Leggings (#awesome)

Every year, one of my absolute favorite nights of television is when the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on. Did you know it's actually only about 30 minutes long? So crazy! Not only is it so inspiring to see beautiful women go after their dreams, but it serves as an excellent reminder to a. work hard for what you want and b. get my butt back in the gym!{instant motivator? follow angel @iza_goulart on instagram} 

Sure, we all know these women were born with amazing genes and have a team that gives them the flawless makeup and hair, but what I think a lot of women forget about is that they also work their butts off day in and day out in the gym. They train like crazy. Wouldn't you if you knew you were going to be pretty much naked with millions of people watching? or if Adam Levine was your fiance...

More often than not I prefer buying workout clothes over anything else. Give me comfort yet cute and I'm good to go! I scoured the web to try and bring you my all time favorite gym pieces whether you are working out or want to look cute to and from the gym. I labeled my top 3 out of this set above in the details section {#1 looks to be similar quality to Lululemon but fraction of the price}.  The North Face vest is so versatile and is great for running errands before or after the gym. Aside from this list, my Lululemon Wunder Under's are probably my most worn pair of leggings/pants. They are the most comfortable things in the world and worth the price in my opinion, but these leggings are less expensive and really nice.

I just want to point out the awesomeness in the bottom far right corner real quick-leopard.leggings. Pretty sure I need these. You know I'm into the leopard and all with my new shoes

What are your gym essentials? In the winter, I'm almost always wearing zip up jackets. They are a necessity! 

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PS: I have someone exciting to introduce you to tomorrow so be sure to come back then! ;) 


  1. Last night is the reason I will be working out 2x today :) I love all this stuff too! I am hoping for a NorthFace vest under the tree this year :) Fingers crossed!!

  2. I didn't get to watch the VS show (mostly avoiding it bc it would make me depressed :P) but, I just started following iza goulart in instagram! Whoa! Talk about motivation! Thanks for sharing these! Maybe if I get some new/cute gym gear, I will be motivated to start going again! xoxo, Linds

  3. Love this post!! And it's so true - they train like athletes and give up more than the average person is willing to!! I love buying workout stuff over real clothes too!! Love these ideas!! I have been looking for a vest and the Northface one is great!!


  4. Love those leopard leggings! Just ordered them for my aunt :) Thanks for the idea!

  5. I LOVE the VS Fashion Show! I always defend how hard those girls work because people begrudge them for their bodies without thinking of how much work it takes!


  6. My wish list this year is all Luluemon :) I love their pieces for the gym and just running errands. When you go to spin class do you have cycling shoes or do you wear your typical gym shoes? I would love to read more about fitness on your blog!!

  7. I've always been a huge Lululemon fan but the past few seasons have been a little uninspiring to me....I recently picked up some Barre tights/leggings from Athleta and I absolutely adore them and their customer service was above and beyond!

    Meet @ the Barre

  8. Great list - I have those exact same Brooks and LOVE them!! Can't even tell you how much - they are so comfy and light and great for my runs!

  9. This is a fun graphic. Good choices! I can't live without my Garmin, and I love my bike. Ha. I'm not sure that would fit with the theme of the rest of the stuff, but it made my year!


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