Five on Friday, Happy Weekend!


Friday and one more weekend closer to Christmas! Are you ready?!

Since Friday calls for cozy + comfy, today is all about this sweater, fleece lined leggings, and taupe boots paired with a glitter gold belt. Because who hates gold?


I wanted to say hello to anyone who popped over from Maureen's blog! I'm so glad you are here. If you are wondering more about me, you can pop on over here where I have a bunch of my favorite posts and some random tidbits about me you probably never wanted to know... ;) 


I snapped this picture of Rocky the other day...how handsome is he? This might be my favorite picture that I've taken of him...


Weekend shopping (duh-how could I forget this?) to spoil yourself or your loved ones:

use code GIFTNOW for 30% off at J.Crew...
Untitled #35

 (buffalo check peacoat, sequin skirt (NYE anyone?), the cutest sperry boots, "nobody's perfect" tee, and this plaid scarf)

other items I recommend:
+this hair wand (seriously the best!)
+these booties (in Umber cognac color) or these gray Steve Madden boots

You can find more of my favorites on my "shop" page or on my gift guides (I think this one is the most popular right now!)


Sure, it may be blistering cold and I can't step outside without wanting to immediately curl up in a ball next to a fireplace, but the snow does make our backyard look pretty gorgeous...

 And I think we supposed to get 4 more inches tonight...yikes.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Rocky is suck a handsome boy :-) I miss him!! I miss that when id pick him up he would almost jump up into my arms...so sweet!!

    I'm shopping this weekend as well. The Christmas rush is in full
    Swing!! I might get so stressed I will need to buy something for my self :-)

    Love you baby G!!

  2. Ah, Rocky!! So cute :) Snowww! I want some!

  3. 1) I want to snuggle the heck out of that most adorable dog!

    2) I realllly like that love cuff! I might need to add that to my wish list for Santa


  4. Love your fashion links! I bought so many southwest cardigans for this winter! The gold belt looks awesome with it. Stay warm!

  5. I am jealous of your pretty snow! We haven't had enough to amount to anything (at least not in my part of the state!) That picture of Rocky is so so so cute. I've thought that since I saw it earlier in the week! :)

  6. Cute sweater and belt! I'm rocking the comfy sweater and leggings look myself today. It's too cold for anything else. Have a great weekend!

  7. Can I have Rocky's life?!?! He always looks so comfy and cuddly!

  8. Send some of that beautiful snow to the southeast please! Yes to everything on your J.Crew list. Have a wonderful weekend friend! :)

  9. Love that sweater! And that picture of Rocky is adorable! I'm so jealous of your snow! We don't get much here in Seattle.

  10. ugh for the snow but it does make your yard look gorgeous!! We're getting that same amount here in Boston as well!! Rocky looks so sweet in that photo!



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