Princess Maggie Announcement + Our Weekend

I have a big announcement to share today.

Remember when WE raised $1k for Princess Maggie? Well, I have been meaning to give you all an update on her for a couple weeks now, but am glad I didn't because it just so happens that a couple days ago I received a message via Facebook from Maggie's mom. I don't think there is a better way to share it other than coming directly from the family, so I will let her give you the update:


Those of you who donated, sent cards, and prayed for Princess Maggie helped to make this happen!! God is good. How about that to cheer up your Monday and to start the week of Thanksgiving off on the right foot? 

 Billy // Maggie // Me

In other, far less significant news...this weekend was awesome. 

Billy and I tried a new, upscale Mexican restaurant called Bakersfield {you cannot go wrong with all different types of tacos and margaritas in mason jars}. I got my hair done. Rocky got pampered at the groomer's. Billy and I declared Saturday morning "Katie and Billy's National-Sleep-In-Day-And Lay-Around-And Do-Nothing-Until 1pm!"...he even made me breakfast in bed. :) It was my niece Mara's 9th birthday party where we got to eat our 2nd Thanksgiving meal so far (yum!). And we saw Catching Fire! If you haven't seen it, GO! We loved it and liked it better than the first.

To make things even better, did you see that my favorite Tone It Up girls now have a SHOW that is starting in January on Bravo?! Pinch me. It's going to be a good week.

Glad you all are enjoying my gift guides so far! I am loving your feedback on them, too. More coming soon!


  1. YAY MAGGIE! That is such wonderful news and definitely reason to be thankful! xo.

  2. Such fantastic news and especially with the holidays ~ best gift a parent could have!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. awe that is awesome for Maggie and her family!!!! such a relief that must be.Sounds like you had a great weekend, very fun and eventful. Next time we are up that way maybe we will check into Bakersfield, I always love a good Mexican restaurant. Love you hair too!!!

  4. Aww I'm so happy for Maggie! She is precious & so stylish! I will be praying for her!


  5. That is such great news to hear about Maggie!! Loving the new color and for lazy days in. Rocky is looking dazzling in his new do too!

  6. That is such great news! God is good :) Thanks for the update!

  7. Such amazing news!!!! Love this!

    Also--I did not know that the Tone it up girls were going to have a show!! OMG. This is going to be amaze!

  8. So so amazing!! Love this awesome announcement :)

  9. I recently moved to Columbus, where do you get your hair done at?!

  10. I recently moved to Columbus, where do you get your hair done at?!

  11. Maggie deserves every bit of good news that's coming to her, YAY!

  12. Yay for Maggie! What a wonderful way to kick off the holidays!

  13. What a sweet update for this Monday friend. How precious is she!! And yay for y'all's weekend together. Your hair looks amazing as does Rock dizzles. Hehe happy thanksgiving week sweet friend.

  14. i am SOOOO excited for the tone it up show i cant even!! it makes me so happy to hear about Maggie! what a precious girl and im so happy she is doing amazing :-)

    oh and that hair....ON FIYA!! love it


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