The Drawbacks Of Being A Blogger's Husband

There are countless reasons why being married to a blogger can and will make your life better. In fact, my friend Erin just wrote a whole post on them {feel free to go read them then come right back here!}. Today? I'm taking it one step farther to share the drawbacks of being one of those men.

1. All of the fun packages you see coming in the mail every week? Try to contain your excitement because they aren't for you. You can try to avoid shopping at the mall with your wife all you want, but with the mail? You are literally forced to see how much more stuff she is actually getting than you.

2. Bad hair day? Don't feel like having your picture taken? Too bad. You have to be presentable at almost all times because you never know when your wife will be aiming that lens at you. "It's for the blog" is now the sentence you dread to hear the most. This is even more true when your wife is having a bad hair day, she will use you as the subject instead of herself.

3. Say goodbye to any sort of silence you used to have and enjoyed! You know those things you never knew existed, like blog sponsors, product reviews, meeting strangers to go on trips? Those are all nightly or weekly topics now, so you better get used to your ear being talked off with things you may not actually care about deep down.

4. The unimaginable will happen -your wife will take even longer to get ready than she used to. By all means, she is a blogger and she will never know when a reader could see her running errands around town*

5. All those fun, new things you are doing together instead of having a casual night in? Money pits. You will be spending more money than you used to because your wife can only post so many pictures to Instagram of her in her pajamas laying in front of the television watching Real Housewives of Anywhere before readers start to wonder if she has a life.

6. Your wife gets writers block? Don't think for a second she won't force you to write a blog post. Hey, you're a writer now...you didn't know?

7. Your cell phone is now her back up phone if hers is dead. Not sure how apps like PicFrame, AfterLight, and Camera+ magically appeared on your phone and taking up your valuable space? Guaranteed it was your blogger wife who installed them. Those pictures you see on your camera roll of food, outfits, selfies? Don't delete.

Hey, you win some...you lose some. Marriage IS about compromise, right?

*and to some this does not stop them from wearing pj's in public and have the hair looking like a hot mess. Not that I would know...  



  1. So cute. You know Head loves it. :)

  2. Ha my husband complains all the time that I have to take pics of our food before we eat it or strategically position ourselves and our drinks on a raft in the pool for the perfect shot :-P

    I think his most dreaded words to hear as well are "it's for the blog"....

  3. HA!! I love this!! So true! Sorry Billy...you've been forced to meet up with us twice now!! ;)

  4. haha LOVE!!! So true :) They didn't know what they were in for!!

  5. haha! This is hilarious and totally true! My poor husband has been totally suckered in too "for the blog"...but I think they like it ;)


  6. So funny...my husband would agree with all of those!!

  7. Hilarious! And so, so true. Love it!

  8. I just discovered Afterlight and Rhonna Designs (thank you Kaitlyn at Wifessionals). I'm in love but I still have no idea what I'm doing nor have the pictures worthy of "playing with"!

  9. I love this and its so true Im laughing now.

  10. Is all that even worth it? Sounds like the most self centered hobby. Is it worth neglecting your husband at dinner to take a pic of yiur food or check how many instgram likes you? Sounds like it is time for a reality/marriage check.

  11. Hahaha this is so awesome and so so true!

  12. It's all true! One thing I've noticed with my hubby though, if we're doing something new or different he'll actually stop and say, "Well don't you want to stop and take a picture for the blog?" They get into it too!!

  13. I love this because its so true :)

  14. This is the hilarious truth of blogging! You said it perfectly. :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  15. Thanks for the camera+ and afterlight suggestions! I downloaded them and am in love with the quality and options they offer!


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