California Is Always A Good Idea

Well, hey there! 

Not gonna lie, it feels SO weird to be back from sunny California. I already miss waking up right next to the ocean, going for a morning run while hearing the waves crash, and then going to Juice Kaboose {the absolute best place that could ever exist in my mind...#obsessed, more on this later}or Coffee Bean {also obsessed} for our morning drinks.

 It also still feels like we are on California time, so I'm suffering a bit today. I did want to check in and say I have about 600 pictures, a couple videos, and lots of stories to update you all with. I can only imagine how excited you are...right? RIGHT? ha.

When we left, I posted this pic to my instagram {gotta love airport selfies}and many of you wanted to know where I got this lovely striped sweater....

You can get it here for only $33.00. 

They have more colors, too. This sweater will be a staple this fall and winter for me, it is so so so soft and can be paired with so many things. And a great price never hurts anybody. Here's another view...

I will be back with a full recap of our trip and the new blog design will be soon, too! Exciting things friends, exciting things.

But just trust me when I say this: if you get the chance, DO a California road trip. Heck, do both Northern and Southern parts (I will share more about which area we preferred more, too!).

Don't even ask any questions, just do it. So worth it. :)

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  1. Can't wait to read the recap! I have loved stalking your pics on instagram! So glad you got to check out some of my fave SoCal places! Looks like you guys had the perfect trip!

  2. So excited for the recap!! I loved California but have never been to the southern part of the state

  3. I live in LA and I can stand by you when you say "just do it". California is really beautiful. The coast is unreal. There's so much here, desert, beach, mountains, it's a world of it's own.

  4. So I totally just ordered that sweater! and got 20% off since it was my first order, so it was only like $26. whoop whoop!! Can't wait to get it! It's adorable!!

  5. I totally agree, I got back from Cali a month ago to blustery old London and I'm telling you I would do a whole lot to be back there right now! In fact I just finished editing my last batch of photos from my trip and it made me so home-sick (can I say home sick when I don't even come from there? I spent 2 months there so it started to feel like home by the time I left). I'll be back soon :)

  6. La la love the sweater!! Think I need to get it stat!!

  7. I bought the sweater and a few other things as well. Thanks for the recommendation!!!!

  8. Living in california, I have to disagree, sometimes california isn't a good idea! It's good when you don't have to be there 100% of the time ;)

  9. I've been to northern Cali and drove from Carmel to San Fransisco- it was the most breathtaking view, can't wait to see what you say about the southern coast. Also, love your airport style! :)

  10. Oh Katie! Thanks for sharing information about that sweater. I fell in love when I saw it on you. I may just have to grab me one :)


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