Labor Day Weekend / Anniversary Pt. 2

*if you missed pt.1 read here first

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! Skipping Monday and getting right into Tuesday has been pretty awesome so far...who's with me?

Not to mention, this weekend was the start of college football, which can also be known as THE best time of year here in Columbus. I mean look:

What can be better than a bunch of Buckeye fans all together in the Shoe cheering on the team on an absolutely gorgeous day? Not much! 

Ohio State came out with a win over Buffalo and it was really fun to be at the first home game of the year. Our seats were somewhat in the shade, which ended up being awesome because it was so hot and humid. 

I actually got my hair done that morning before the game (a few highlights in it!) but made sure I had on my Buckeyes gear so that I was ready to go afterwards...

After the game, if you remember what I mentioned on Friday, we had plans to go to Scioto Reserve to eat dinner where we got married! 

It was the absolute best part of the weekend, hands down.

(dress I wore to dinner-from forever21)

We pulled up and immediately started talking about our day and it couldn't have been more fun to be back there and experience it all again (you know minus the dress, our bridal party, the guests, etc). 

I really enjoyed being there JUST with Billy...I love that man for planning something so special.

(it was so humid that my lens kept fogging up!)

Our server was so good to us. She knew it was our anniversary and took a bunch of pictures for us, surprised us with the most delicious cheesecakes for dessert, and told us that her coworker who works a lot of the weddings there walked by our table and knew our names and remembered our wedding from three years ago! It was so funny.

The rest of our weekend was spent running a bunch of errands, lunch with my best friend Lindsay and her mom at BJ's Brewhouse, taking Rocky to the dog park and to get his haircut (I mean he has to be all nice and groomed for his trip to Chicago soon!), and then we headed out in the Short North with Billy's cousin Greg and his friends who were in town for a wedding the previous night.

We went to The Pint House again and ventured to a couple other places in the area afterwards. 

How was your Labor Day weekend?

Link up with Sami and tell us!

PS: The winner of my Albion Fit giveaway is April! Congratulations April. Thank you all for entering!


  1. looks like you guys did it right! football + perfect hair + celebrating!! y'all are precious!

  2. LOVE that dress! Forever 21 has such hidden gems!

  3. You both "did it up" for your celebrations! How special! Billy totally needs to talk to my fiance and school him on anniversary celebrations, etc! PS- loving the hair and the dress!

  4. Love this - I was at the game also! I had no idea you were located in columbus. great post!

    The Casual Classic

  5. Sounds like Billy did a great job! How fun to revisit your rehearsal dinner and reception sites. And I love that dress and the unique hemline. I never think to go into Forever 21, but I might need to stop by soon as you always seem to find good stuff there :)

  6. I love that its OSU time again :) Can't wait to head down to Columbus to tailgate for a game or two!

    And that last picture!! Abby (the one on the far right) is my Little in our business fraternity! so funny!

  7. This looks like such a fun weekend! Congrats again on your anniversary!


  8. What a thoughtful and sweet hubby you have! Glad you had such a great anniversary :) Love your dress and hair!

  9. Loving your highlights! Such a sweet husband, I am so looking forward to returning one day to our wedding venue!

  10. I know how much of a college football fan you are so I just wanted to put the bug in your ear that I'm hosting a football link up starting this upcoming sunday... Hope you link up your football posts! :)

  11. Yayyy football! I am going to my first ever Buckeyes game this weekend and I'm semi-freaking-out with excitement!!!! :)

  12. omgosh so sweet y'all went back there:) and i am so glad college football is back!

  13. Looks like such a fun anniversary weekend!!! Football + celebrating...can't go wrong!

  14. So fun! Wish I could have gone to that OSU game!


  15. Love your hair & the dress you wore for your anniversary dinner! So funny that the worker remembered you from 3 years ago! And I'd love some of that cheesecake ;)

  16. absolutely loved getting to share your anniversary with you via IG. Loved all your outfits and especially how happy and in love you two are! :)


  17. Awesome weekend my sweet friend, and you look as gorge as always!! x

  18. Looks like an amazing weekend! And you looked so pretty at your anniversary dinner!

  19. Love your hair, it looks gorgy! Oh and that dress too! How sweet to go back to where the wedding was, I love that. You little lovebirds :)

  20. I am going to my first OSU game at the Shoe this month..I am sooooooo excited!!

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