What Inspires Me To Blog It Out....

Taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to link-up with the lovelies Helene and Sarah to talk about what inspires me to blog. Inspiration can come from so many different areas and that's why I love it so much.

So, what inspires me to come stare at a blank page 4-5 days a week and share my world with the interwebz?

Everyday Life:
It's so important to have a place of my own to document my life so that I can remember all of the fun and truly memorable things I did at this point in my life. I mean, what if something terrible were to happen and I lost my memory? Enter: blog! My blog is my own personal space where I can share anything and everything I want and I'm constantly inspired to blog about what makes me happy happy happy everyday. I get big ole smiles on my face when I read old blog posts and say, "yes! I remember that! I'm so thankful I took pictures of it for my blog so I have those memories forever!"

...I guess all of the crazy obsessive picture taking does come in handy, sometimes.

As much as a lot of you don't enjoy trip recap posts, they are some of my favorites to write. Traveling is a huge passion of mine so sharing all about new cities or places we visit is something that means a lot to me. I like the feeling I get when I write them and how it can "feel" like you're back in that same place re-living it all over again. I love remembering where we ate, where we stayed, what our favorite things about the city were! Another thing that inspires me? Travel blogs. You know, the ones that are constantly on the go. I just want to jump through my screen and be there with them.

Can we flashback for a moment?
Our favorite trip as a couple thus far was doing our Northern California "roadtrip" last August/Sept...


Bloggers (you!):
Not a day goes by that I'm not inspired by a different blogger. How can you not? Nowadays with the blogosphere being as big as it is, and the ever so addicting Pinterest, it makes it even easier to connect with a blogger that you are inspired by. Whether it be a blogger I admire for their clean eating recipes, one that makes me laugh every day that I visit, a blogger who's writing I just get sucked into reading, or a blogger I knew I would be BFF with - I'm constantly thinking to myself "wow! these people are all kinds of AWESOME!"

Another huge component of this is all the emails/comments/love I've received from you guys. I never in a million years thought I'd receive any of the amazing feedback that I have. A simple email or comment from a reader saying I inspired them to eat healthier, to try something new, or that they made one of our DIY projects to put in their home? INSTANT happiness and inspiration for me to keep writing.

...last but not least, working with amazing companies/small businesses (love being able to do this!) and my Mom and her letters she left me inspire me to blog. She was the real reason I started this blog in the first place! :)

On a completely random, but related, note want to know what else inspires me?


Does she really look THIS good after delivering a baby? I die.

I can't even handle their cuteness. 

PS: If you didn't see my post with the amazing video yesterday, please go watch and then go wish Erica a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Helene in Between



  1. When I have a baby, if I don't look like this the day after I am going to be one bummed lady. And yay for this amazing little blog world. Happy I found you sweet friend.

  2. gosh I have a huge girl crush too! total inspiration from that girl.

  3. I hope I look that good after having a baby.

    P.S. I love your trip recaps!

  4. I am so beyond thrilled you linked up with us. You are one of my all time faves and I love knowing what inspires you! Places are such a big thing for me too. If people don't like recaps then I don't know what to say! I love your recaps! And everyday life and being able to look back is so wonderful!!

  5. I never even thought of how helpful my blog would be if I ever lost my memory! This was a great post, and your NoCa pictures made me realllly want to visit there!

  6. I wonder if they had a "power staff" to make her look that good after having the royal baby? I mean.. geez! I'm so happy and so jealous (I want a baby SO bad and after nine months of trying- I give up)

  7. I am so glad you have all this inspiration and you keep on blogging - your happy space is one of my favourite reading spaces!
    And that sweet little adorable royal family, my heart!

  8. honestly my favorite posts to read are just everyday life ones!!! I love topical posts because I can really get fulfilled and learned from bloggers but I love seeing a glimpse into people's everday lives (am I creepy?!) and you have lots of fun vacation/trip/places posts!!!!!!

  9. Um, Kate Middleton is perfect. I have a major girl crush too....just can't help it.

  10. Whoa whoa whoa, who doesn't like trip recap posts??? Those are my favorite!! Thanks for linking up with us, friend!!

  11. That last picture..I can't take it..I am royally obsessed haha. And great inspirations girly..Those are great reasons to blog. It is your blog after all and as long as you enjoy it..everyone else will too. And we do :)

  12. Thanks for sharing! As you said, it definitely inspires me to write when I read other blogs!

  13. Kate Middleton = perfection! And who doesn't love trip recaps? Those are some of my favorite to read!! I am so happy you got to see Northern California, I am blessed to call it home!!

  14. thanks for sharing! and I am one of those who loooooves trip recaps and I wish people wrote more! I, too, love travel blogs, I follow way too many and it definitely doesn't help my wanderlust! haha

  15. All of these places are in my backyard.Looks amazing.
    I want to plan a trip like this for me...maybe to the South?

  16. How can someone be that perfect?! Kate's hair is literally always flawless. To say I have a girlcrush is an understatement!

  17. You will look exactly LIKE Kate because you are her! PS - I totally didn't see this post until just now when I tweeted that!

  18. She looks freaking AMAZING! I did a post on them yesterday, they are just too perfect not to!


  19. Those pictures made me so excited! We are headed to Tahoe, Napa and San Fran in a month. I might have to go back and find your recaps on that trip - there better be some.

  20. A lot of these are the reason that I blog as well. And I started my blog a few years ago to motivate myself to lose weight (before I did any sports at all), so I now like to recap races and remind myself of where I've been and how far I've come in trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

  21. Gorgeous photos! I love Northern CA! I'm having a giveaway for a vintage marquee light that I think you'll love! Hope you can come by and enter! Have a great day!


    Kori xoxo
    Blonde Episodes

  22. Love that you speak about your blog being your own personal space. A lot of the times we need to just embrace the fact that we are allowed to write whatever we want, whenever we want.

    Dropping in from the linkup!

  23. I can definitely admit I have gotten so much inspiration from your blog Katie! To the way you live your life, the way you embrace every little thing that happens in your life, to the 4-bean chilly that I would bathe in if that wasnt weird

    It's really neat to see people evolve in blogging...sharing more, letting us peak into their lives a little more--I LOVE THAT!!

    And the meeting people...psshh thats hands down one of the BEST things about blogging. Who knew that would ever happen!?!? Not me, when i started my blog I thought I was just going to be all "la la la i went here this weekend, oh i really liked this article, etc" Never driving/flying cross country! But I am SO HAPPY it has been able to happen! LOVE!!

    Thank you so muchoooo for the birthday shoutout!! :) love you so much!!


    PS. Kate Middleton--HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT!! the day i leave the hospital with my child, I will look like i have spent 300 days partaking in Wednesday night activities-aka ill look like a sweaty monstrous beast

  24. Kate Middleton is BEYOND gorge! Gives me something to strive for when I have kids....hahaha!

    Thank you so much for writing this post. I've been feeling a little bleh about my blog lately and I think this was just the inspiration I needed to get writing again!

  25. I mean...you need to come back to Nor Cal. That is all!!

  26. child is our future,isn't it?

  27. Yours is one of the blogs I've been reading daily for such a long time that it also eventually inspired me to write my own as well!

  28. I loved reading this. I have needed some blogging inspiration lately to remind me why I blog, and this was exactly what I needed. And I remember reading about the reason why you started blogging a while back when I first came across your blog, and thought you seemed like such a nice, down to earth person. Happy Friday!!

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