The Perfect Spring Weekend...

Really...it was.

I'm at a loss - a weekend loss.
Can we rewind back to Friday afternoon-ish?

I guess this Monday isn't so bad, though.

I have a super short work week as I'll be heading to Nashville for a bachelorette party later in the week! Excited doesn't begin to explain it..I can't wait to see the city and go to all the country restaurants/bars.

And to possibly stalk the Nashville cast, but that is neither here nor there.

Before I get into the dreamy weekend plans, I have to tell you guys to stop at A&F if you're looking for good denim. Last week I ventured in there (first time since high school when I worked there!) looking for good boyfriend jeans and I was SO impressed with their jeans. They fit really well and are pretty affordable!

 As you can see, I haven't taken them off much...
{these are the super skinny destroyed in medium wash, scarf is from Winter Lennon}

 {those metallic heels are my new fav-even though I said I hate wearing heels. They are from Target..such a steal! Blazer is from TJ Maxx (recently)}

OK, so, this weekend reminded me just how much I love when the seasons change and how every part of me wants to spend as much of it outside. If I'm inside...I pout. It's true.

The weather was in the 60's Friday and Saturday, and today (Sunday) we got lucky enough to enjoy sunshine in the lower 70's! I can't tell you how amazing it was. Please just take my word for it otherwise I'll just be sitting here writing the words amazing, awesome, the best, over and over again

Friday looked a little like this...
walk/hike at the park + our favorite pizza to go + watched Lincoln at home.

{those would be massive bison!}
 {only the best deep dish pizza in Columbus-from Meisters in Grandview}

Billy went up to our college, BGSU, on Saturday morning for the day/night
 so I decided to go to my niece's outdoor soccer game, go shopping, and have a girls night.

That's what you're supposed to do when your man is away, right?

Well, it was fabulous.
We went to my girlfriend Angela's house to hang out for a bit and have some wine, then we walked to the short north for dinner at La Fogata (mexican) but didn't actually end up eating dinner there (besides chips and salsa) because after an hour and a half of waiting for our food, our server had no idea what happened to our food (?!) or if it was even placed. It was terrible! But we made up for it by drinking pitches of margaritas (that ended up being on the house) and baskets upon baskets of chips.


who doesn't break it down on front porches?...

Sunday was the kind of day that I have dreams about.
Not really, but close.

I baked cookies, cleaned out my closet/organized my whole wardrobe, went for a run, and then most of the afternoon was spent swinging in my hammock napping / reading magazines.

{recipe coming soon. these are delish}

Growing up, we had a swing hammock on our screened-in porch where my Mom would spend a lot of her time. When Billy got back in town, he found a perfect spot in our backyard under a tree to hang it and I was SO happy swinging in it.

There aren't many things better than swinging in a hammock in 70 degree weather.
Ahh, Loved every minute of it. So did Rocky.
We even took naps, which was glorious.
 {blooming in our backyard! love!}

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow night-thinking about adding more caramel highlights instead of going back to my normal brown color.

I did this workout a couple times last week and highly recommend this if you want to feel some serious burn in those legs.

It works, trust me.

Bikini season is SOON girls!!

How did you spend your weekend?

Come back tomorrow for something you won't want to miss!

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  1. I pretty much love a million things about this post. First off, those jeans are really cute! I'm like you - I haven't been since high school! Maybe I should give it another shot. And that pizza... omg! I've literally never seen anything like it! Looks good! Happy Monday - if that's even such a real thing. :)

  2. Seriously THE most perfect Spring weekend!! :) Ohio finally got with the program and gave us some gorgeous weather... last night we had thunderstorms too, so perfect!

    PS- Does Rocky have any brothers or sisters that need homes?! He is such a cute ball of fluff!!

  3. Katie, this DOES look like the perfect weekend ... I'm a little jelly ;) I'm headed to Nashville tomorrow until Saturday for a work conference - any recommendations? I've never been & I'm so excited!

  4. That sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm gonna need one of those hammocks as soon as I get settle in my next place!

  5. Sounds fabulous!!! The weekend was so amazing, I loved it and had our doors open the whole time! Can't wait for the cookie recipe...those will dangerous in our house!

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Love your coral blazer outfit...so cute!

    I always wanted a hammock when I was growing up, so jealous you have one now...looks like the perfect place for napping and reading on a lazy Sunday!

  7. da BOMB weekend miss katie thats for sure! look at rocky smiling in the hammock...dying of cuteness! And i love that special meaning behind having the hammock :-)

    i need a frozen marg in my life! preferably with YOU.

    that workout looks intense, but im up for the challenge! I am also nervous. Will report back when my butt feels like its going to fall off my body--which wouldnt be the worst thing, only if I could get one replaced that looks like beyonce's

    happy monday! :)

  8. yes can we please rewind. looks like you had a perfect weekend!!

  9. My weekend looked pretty similar. The weather this weekend was amazing... thank goodness for spring FINALLY coming!!!!!!!

  10. Our weather this weekend was amazing too!

  11. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend! = ) and I am absolutley loving your jeans and blazer, think i might have to go out and get me some!

  12. Found your blog off the linkup and I'm LOVING your style girl! Super cute jeans.

  13. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I have those heels from Target and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are actually really comfortable too :)

  14. Such a great spring weekend! I am so happy the weather is finally warming up! I can't believe that bikini season is right around the corner! Ahh- I have been hitting the gym hard. I tried that workout last week when you posted it to instagram. It is no joke!

  15. It does sound like you had one of those amazing-only dream about sort of weekends!!! Cheers to Monday & a short week!

  16. Your weekend looked so fun! I may need to head to A&F for jeans (I haven't been there since highschool either) I love the ones you got!

  17. Your tenni's are so cute! And that pizza made my stomach growl! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

  18. Aww your hammock time sounds just perfect!! :) And I must agree, I love me some A&F jeans! I'm a huge fan of their jeggings, too! Literally the softest most comfy jeans everrr!


  19. Sorry about your Mexican food experience. But I'm sure the margaritas on the house more than made up for it. Mexican and margs are my fav!

    I've done that 100 workout before, it's no joke! My husband was surprised after I tried it the 1st time and said "You're actually sweating!" Ya think?! lol

  20. Looks like a completely fabulous weekend lady! And those jeans are adorable, I might need to hit up A&F! My sister was in Tahoe this weekend and we took her up the gondola yesterday and I thought of you, I know you loved it! :)

  21. Okay, no idea where to start. You weekend seemed amazing, I love the jeans you got, and among a million other things I could comment about, I seriously want your exact outfit in the first picture, with the scarf. TOO. CUTE.

    XO, Kelsey

  22. Your jeans are so darn cute! This looks like such a fun weekend - the weather's been SO incredible lately, I just want to spend all day outside!

  23. You are going to LOVE Nashville. Even the airport is amazing, when I fly it there is usually a String quartet playing as you exit and live music from a cute boy with a guitar in each restaurant. Plus, Broadway is the PERFECT place for a bachelorette party, something for everyone.

  24. Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful weekend! :) Loving that outfit with the coral blazer. I've been wanting a new one with a pop of color. Coral may be the way to go.

  25. Love the new jeans. I never think to go to A&F because I never felt hip enough...ha! Might have to check them out. Which park did you go to? We live next to Highbanks and that is where we usually go, but no bison there. It was cool you got to see those! Happy Monday!

  26. I NEED those silver pumps! looks like a lovely weekend, it has FINALLY hit the 60s and 70s in Eastern NC so we've been soaking up the sun here too!

  27. ahhhh spring has decided to start showing her pretty face and I love it! LOVE your chucks too!

  28. Ah! I want a hammock. We had one when I was younger too! :)

  29. We watched Lincoln this weekend, too! I'm willing to take totally-not-signs-at-all things like this as a sign that you actually need to move to Charlotte and have such weekends more often, with meeeee ;)

    Looks like you had such a fun couple days!

  30. Love the jeans!

    I love swinging on hammocks during summer/spring/ and early fall its awesome and the breeze is beautiful! However now I live in an apartment :( but I'm glad my parents have hammocks I can go invade!

    have a good week chica!

  31. What a fun packed weekend! I love the pink blazer outfit, a lot!

  32. thank god i follow you on instagram and know all about this lovely weekend since i have had ZERO time to blog!!! this was certainly the perfect weekend. and that new denim - SPIIIICY!!!

  33. Looks like a great weekend!! The weather was amazing here as well! I love those jeans, but boyfriend jeans don't fit me well, I'm definitley curvy. All well, I'll stick to Silvers, MissMe and Rock Revivals! I think caramel highlights would be beautiful!! You have awesome hair to begin with!!

  34. What a fun and gorgeous weekend soaking in the great weather! So glad California will be living up to is reputation this week and hit the low 80's...my white feet need a tan!

  35. That sounds like the most perfect weekend ever! I want to do all of those things this weekend and copy you lol



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