I should be happy to see hump day, but really I'm just trying wrap my head
around the fact that it is only Wednesday.
How can this be?!

You guys. The feedback from yesterday's post rocks my socks off.
I have loved hearing your thoughts and seeing you communicate/find similarities with one another.
Fun stuff!

 This week (er, maybe last week as well) spring fashion has completely taken over my mind.
I can't help that all the stores are already coming out with such cute bright colored items and swimsuits (what? this is not OK). Why do they do this to me? I still have 2 solid months of winter left. 

It's only natural to turn to Pinterest to show me what items will be must haves in my closet this spring
 and what color I need to be rocking the most.
(you know that Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year, correct? If not, now you know! 
I'm THRILLED about this because I love emerald. Wear it! and often!)


Lace and pink

Cute & Casual

#Anthropologie #Spring


If I could wear that last outfit everyday, I would.
It's the definition of my perfect outfit. Love, love.
I've decided once it gets a little warmer, I'm going to start sharing more outfit posts as well.
Not sure if you guys enjoy those or not, but I've got some good ones lined up!

So, what have you been eyeing for spring?
Have the stores sucked you in yet?
Lastly, don't forget to come back tomorrow for another awesomesauce round of SPD!
 The craft I'm sharing is one of my favorites and get this..takes the LEAST amount of time.
 I've said it before and I'll say it again....my kind of project right there. 

Linked up with Shanna for Random Wednesday!

See you manana, friends!


  1. I am DETERMINED to add some color to my wardrobe this spring/summer, even though it will be so hard for me. I really am going to try. Be proud.

  2. LOVELOVELOVE those blue polka-dotted pants! They'd go great with red or yellow! :) I found you at Shanna's and I'm so glad I did! your blog is awesome! Newest follower!

  3. love emerald green. that dress is to die for!!!

  4. Wow that emerald green is really something. What a stunning dress.

  5. Love me some emerald. I want some jeans in that color :)

  6. im also super pumped that emerald is going to be huge this year!!!

  7. I am in love with the pink blazer and blue striped skirt!!!

  8. I am so ready for some bright colors. I actually ended up buying some peach items the other day because they just screamed Spring to me. I am totally loving the emerald color also. I would love to see more outfit posts, I totally need some inspiration. Or I can have you just shop for me...ha! I would love to also hear what online and local stores you like and where you get some of your amazing clothes/accessories from?? :)

  9. I'm excited about Emerald. I need to add more green to my closet since I have green eyes! haha
    As for the swimsuits in stores....just no. I already told you how I feel about this after seeing them at Target. Just ew.

  10. Oh yay!!! You know I love me some outfit posts and you have killer style! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! And I would totally wear that last one every day too....bring on Spring!!! Thanks a million for linking up today! It made my heart so happy!!! xoxo

  11. I am OBSESSED with that last pic of the layering. LOVE that! And all the bracelets, too! Yummy!

  12. I have already been searching clothing websites for clothes I want to buy for spring. I'm loving the high rise shorts & bright, colorful shirts/tanks. Also I've noticed lots of the pieces have crochet work on them. Love that. Also, I've never been huge on wedges. I mean, I'd want to wear them, but I am prone to fall & heels would only enhance the chance of me hitting the ground. BUT I've seen such cute ones that I'm going to get them and attempt to wear them this Spring & Summer.

  13. Great inspiration! Love all of those!

    And I love your outfits, so I am gonna pin YOU as inspiration, I'm sure!

  14. Color is something that I need to try more of...love your inspirations!

  15. I'm with you, I'm excited about the Emerald this season! And I love the picture of Shenae (sp?) you posted, her ombre hair is by far my favorite!


  16. I could totally see you in all of these outfits! I've become so much more ballsy about clothing since I've started blogging. Hopefully I'll get some of these cute pieces in my closet!


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