Wah, wah, wah.
The classic line for when I feel stressed. 
I can't tell you how often I think this. 
I need more hours in the day!
 My list is so long. I'm going to be up so late.


Typically thought the moment my alarm goes off in the morning,
 or around the 3 o'clock stretch during the week at work.
Where's Starbucks delivery service when I need one?


That top is so cute. She has the best shoes. I want those pants.
That bag? I think I need it. Not sure if I have one like it.


Yes, you do actually.


Our time was cut short.
 I wonder what my life would be like if she was still alive?
It's just not fair. 
Why my Mom?
Thoughts I'm sure I will have daily forever.

None of these thoughts ever stay for that long, but they show up from time to time.
The more I think about them, the more they take control of my day
 so I really try and think as positively as I can.
You didn't think I'd leave ya hanging with just my 5 of my daily crappy thoughts, did you?
Of course not! {or this would be a pretty depressing post and that isn't what this day is about. I mean, tomorrow is the last day of work before Christmas and that's something to be excited about...}

So...how do you change these into positive thoughts?

1. I feel blessed to have a job that keeps me busy-I'm thankful I have so many friends and family in my life to buy Christmas presents for-I'm lucky that every day is a new day and a chance to cross more things off my to-do list.

2. You're living! and having fun everyday with people you love. Who doesn't get tired? Suck it up. Stop whining.

3. These are just material items. I'm fortunate to have as many clothes that I do (even some with price tags still on them...gasp!) Chances are almost every other girl feels this way about someone else. Don't compare!

4. You're healthy enough to have the opportunity to work out -some people can't! Remember when you had knee problems and you couldn't work out or run for months and how GOOD it felt when you were finally able to? Never forget that. You'll feel great when it's over and it's time you make just for yourself!

5. You're not alone! You got 15 wonderful years with her. She has shaped you into the person you were meant to be and has made you stronger than you ever thought you were.

Can you relate to any of these thoughts?
How do you focus on the positive?

Well, my moral of the story is this-
Be thankful for everyday.
Be positive.
Every single day.

**If you need a little bit more to get your day going, this should give you a good laugh.
I present to you the Howard/Krysh Elf Dance
ft. Rock Dizzle.

thank you Steph for producing the next big hit video.
We're sure to be discovered soon.

Post inspired by The Shine Project
{seen a while ago and loved the idea, but forgot about it until now}
Be back tomorrow for some awesomeness, aka Saw It, Pinned It, Did It with my love Steph!
Can't wait to share this project with you ;)

PS: I'm over at Lindsay's blog sharing one of my favorite Christmas crafts...
head on over to check it out and say hi to her!


  1. GIRL! 3 am? THAT IS EARLY. Course my hubby has been getting up at that hour for the past few weeks to go duck hunting, but I'm guessing that's not your reason? :) Hope you keep the crappy thoughts at bay!

    1. LOL No, 3 o'clock in the afternoon meaning at work. Not 3 am ;)

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  3. I love this post, Katie! I can completely 100% relate to 4 of the 5. Most of the time, it's your wardrobe I'm coveting! As for #5, it is not my mom, but my grandparents. Thank you for posting this and ways to think positively. I actually even have a sign in my office at work that says "No Negative Thoughts Allowed!" to help remind me to stay positive and stop whining!

  4. cute post, ill have to remember this for some time in the future :) i read 3 oclock am too...and i was thinking oh my word lady thats terrible LOL
    i think about my older brother on a daily basis...he passed away at 24. but i know he is my angel watching over me. gives me comfort. and i know your momma is your angel too!! ;)
    it is hard to always be positive but we have to. the words and thoughts we put out there, is what makes us happy people. people others want to be around.
    have a good day lady!!!

  5. It is so so important to focus on the positive and what we DO have versus what we don't. :)

  6. I'm glad.. I'm not feeling any of these today, except #5 and that's because I haven't seen my mom in awhile and by this time any other year we'd be baking up a storm. Mothers are great.
    I love that you put a positive spin on all the negative thoughts. It's a great way to be.

  7. Love! I have these same thoughts every day just about.... except #5 I miss her because she lives far away though!

  8. I wrote about this the other day! If we didn't focus on the positive or bright side of every situation, we would be very fun people to be around. There is always someone who has it worse than me/you and I try to remind myself of that every time I'm having a shitty day. "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." Thanks for the wisdom, Pinterest.

  9. I love this post. It is a great reminder for all of us. Thanks.

  10. I have a hard time with banishing the negative nellies, too. Some days you just need a moment to vent or rant before you can remember or even think about all the positives you have in life. Things that keep me going - thinking about our next vacation or holiday; thinking about our sweet dog; thinking about going from a size 12 to a 4 to motivate me to go running; thinking about spending time with family and friends, laughing and sharing good food and wine.

  11. I just wrote about being positive/not complaining on Monday! I totally agree girl :)

  12. I absolutely love this post! I believe that positive thoughts lead to positive actions as well! And starbucks in the afternoon never hurt anyone ;) Thanks for linking over to my blog and guest posting for me today!


  13. I have the #5 negative thought every day almost...and it gets even worse around the holidays. But you're right..there's no sense in letting those negative thoughts linger when we can be thankful for the time we had with them! I spent all day on Monday at my Grandma's house watching old home videos just so we could hear my mom's voice..so thankful to still have those videos!

    Great post...as always! :)

    P.s. That video...omg!! Dying. Hilarious.

  14. I can totally relate to feeling like you have so much to do and missing a parent (I lost my dad when I was 20)... Anyways, I love how you turned around and put a positive spin you put on things! ;) Anywho, I use Wordpress, don't know how NOT to be a "no-reply" commenter on Blogger accounts... have Google-searched the heck out of it and read forums out the whazoo, with no such luck finding the answer... Sorry. If you know the solution to this, please feel free to share! :)
    (amber dot cease at gmail dot com)

  15. I deal with this on a daily basis! I start out with the daily whines and then I think, why dwell on the negative when there is so much positive? We can pick out those horrible daily thoughts but it only makes us feel bad. I try to rewire my brain every time this happens.
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one :)
    XO Brooke Come stop by! Wideospaces.blogspot.com

  16. love this much-needed positive message, and that video just made my day.

  17. What a great post! negative thoughts pop up often for me too and I'm working on turning them around. I always have such a better day when I am simple more positive

  18. It's SO easy to let the negative creep in, but it's awesome to turn those thoughts around into blessings! Especially in wake of tragedy like Friday...we have to live every moment that we're given!

    Oh, and I have a daily sinking spell at 3 p.m. too! It's definitely time for some sort of jump-start to power through to the end of the afternoon!

  19. I have the "I want her wardrobe" thoughts basically everytime you post an OOTD picture...lol. Thanks a lot for making me have those evil jealous thoughts Katie, geez :P No, you're right though - when I have those thoughts I need to be thankful I have clothes to wear at all, and remind myself that some still have tags on them.

  20. I love this and might have to steal it from you one day!

  21. great post.

    my friends and i made our own elf video this year. i was literally crying from laughing so hard. those things are the best.

    hope you, billy, and rocky have a wonderful christmas, katie.

  22. I can relate, I can relate! But much like you, I too start to pull back and say "there is SO much to be thankful for!" We are in no place to complain, but that is life and sometimes we have to stop and think about the positive :)

    Have a great day, pretty!

  23. I hear you!! So stressed and feeling overwhelmed, but you're right, it means we're living and I love the feeling of accomplishment once it's finished. And I miss certain family members too...our time together is never long enough but I too treasure the moments we had together.

  24. We all have them! Thanks for the reminder at focusing on the good. I have many crappy thoughts (about work) lately and I really need to do something about it (like look for a new job) instead of just being frustrated and miserable!

  25. brilliant! I saw most of those things daily, oops. So key to try to turn them into positive thoughts though!

  26. this is a great post, katie. its so important to remember how blessed we are and not let the negativity take over our thoughts! :)

  27. i love that first chalkboard quote...LOVE LOVE LOVE it

    i am so guilty of saying i have so much to do an im tired too! need to stop that!

    #5..I LOVE YOU GIRL! im serious when I say this I always think about you and about your mom and I know she is so so proud of you and ALWAYS looking down at you love <3 and yes those 15 years you had with her made you the best person IN THE WORLD!!

    i have a little sticky note on my work computer that just says SMILE! I wrote it randomally when I was having a bad day and I look at it at work when having a bad day and automatically smile. It doesnt always make me feel 1000% better but it helps a little bit!!

    Either that, or I text kurt and say WAHH and he usually says something silly or funny.

    I LOVE YOU!! and I love that video. SO So priceless. AND ROCKY!! hahahah


  28. What a great way to spin each of your negative thoughts into a positive thought. It is so true that there is always a way of looking at everything in a positive light! I need to make sure that I always do that. And your elf dance is super cute!


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