Is it just me or is this week flying by?
I'm OK with it.

This past weekend was the perfect "intro" to fall weekend. Besides from our kitchen being finished, here are some other things I enjoyed that I'm currently loving:

1. Pumpkin Spice Caramel Popcorn (from Target)
Warning: Do not buy if you don't want to eat the whole bag in one sitting before you even get home.

2. My niece and nephew's soccer games started back up and watching them play is the cutest.
Can you believe how big Mara is getting?

and here's Brady who is a beast on the field...

3. OHIO STATE is undefeated. 
Granted, some games have been close. This weekend Billy's brother and cousins are coming in town for the homecoming night game against Nebraska. It's going to be a big game! Also currently loving? My chucks.

4. Seasonal kcups for the Keurig. 

5. This lantern chandelier is officially ours (for over our kitchen table)
Yes, these days excitement over new household items is the norm. I had been lusting after it for quite some time on Pottery Barn's website, but was hesitant to pull the trigger because there are other similar ones for $100 cheaper at Lowe's/Home Depot. Billy told me if I could find it for $100 less, then he'd order it for us (and I really don't think he thought I would find it). Little does he know he should not make that kind of statement because I WILL track down a similar version if it is the last thing I do and if I have to lose sleep, I will...... Enter: Good ole Overstock. It's identical to the PB version and I can't wait to get it hung up. Pictures to come soon. (I hear there is a "DIY" for this light as well-but I'm not about to tackle that project right now!)

Lastly, today is my "thursday" because I'm in my girlfriends wedding which is on Friday and the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night. Here's where you all come in: she's letting us pick how we get our hair done and since I'm not a hair expert, how do you think I should get it done? Our bridesmaid dresses are strapless and long. My first (and not very creative) thought is just have it done half-up with long loose curls. Maybe throw a braid in there?

Any and all suggestions welcome. :)

What are you currently loving?



  1. I love that chandelier! Im heading up to the game Saturday also!

  2. Woah woah... Apple cider Kcups?!?! Pumpkin caramel popcorn?? You trying to fatten a sister up?!

  3. The apple cider kcups are so yummy!!!

  4. Oh my lanta, Gingerbread Kcups are already out? I need to get some asap!

  5. I bought that caramel popcorn and you are totally right, ate it all.

    I am in a wedding later this year and want something like this:

    I think it's so cute!

    I am sure yours will look great any way!!!


  6. Loving gold and burgundy for fall and pumpkin smoothies! :)

  7. yes! i can't get over all the amazing candy, coffee, and smells of fall! aww i bought a apple cider candle this weekend and i'm bout done with it!

    love your chucks btw.

  8. hair: i think you should wear it half up half down..sorta. maybe just throw the front section into to braids and pull them back.. something similar to this http://data.whicdn.com/images/34926960/pic_4190_1344925186_large.jpg =]

  9. Loving your chucks and that chandelier! I need a new one too...just haven't found the perfect one!

  10. Oh my word I NEED that popcorn in my life! *running to target*

  11. That light fixture is absolutely gorgeous! Go you for finding it cheaper. Can't wait to see what it looks like. :)

  12. I LOVE THAT LIGHT!!!! I ALMOST wrote I love that lamp. Which lead me to say I love lamp, but that is a sexual term ... and I don't know what the eff I am saying here / writing. Other than I love the light and I can't wait to see it. It'd be better if I saw it in person. We'll make that happen very soon!


  13. I want that popcorn like nowwwww LOL!

  14. Everytime someone posts some yummy K-cups I kick myself for not having a Keurig :( Yum! Love the light fixture, it's going to look fabulous in your beautiful new kitchen! Last, love me some baby Rocky. He is the cutest thing ever!

  15. I love that there is actually an expiration date on the popcorn - like it will last that long!
    When I'm in Columbus I am planning to go to the Ohio State vs. Purdue game. My fiance actually went to Purdue so I imagine we will probably have to cheer for them but I am excited to visit Ohio State!

  16. Try hair up with a side braid

  17. Thanks for introducing me to that popcorn, I can't wait to try....

    Excited for the game because so many of the blogs I follow are Ohio St fans...but I am a Huskers fan :) Should be interesting :)

  18. Whattttttttttttt pumpkin spice caramel pumpkin?!??! Uhmmm I need to get to Trader Joe's like yesterday and get myself 1 or 5 bags! =)

    Sounds so so good

  19. Hey girlie. Oh my goodness, that pumpkin spice popcorn looks amazing. Anytime I can find an excuse to go to Target you better believe I'm going to act on it. lol. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest interview about what it's like working with Lauren Conrad and some exciting TV projects. Thanks, love. xo


  20. I looked for this popcorn and couldn't find it! I was so sad!! What section of Target?? Super Target or just reg?

  21. Ooohhh... I NEED to get some of that pumpkin spice caramel corn! And I love the seasonal K cups... I wish I could get them all year long!

  22. What nail polish are you wearing in the popcorn picture? LOOOOVE it!! It's the bomb.com!


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