Little Words, Lots Of Pictures.

It's been a while since I've shared some recent obsessions and life happenings. I blame it on still being in "vacation mode" and not being able to get back into the groove of things. I'm trying to change that this week and be productive, so let's start with today.

1. Weddings

They are just so fun, don't you think? If you don't, I will gladly escort you to one of my weddings and make you break it down on the dance floor with me. ;) This past weekend we had our first wedding of the season. It was an outdoor wedding under a tent (which was beautiful) and my best friend Lindsay and I barely came off the dance floor, except to get more wine of course (priorities for dancing). Good times, good times. I wore this Express dress that I got for only $12.00 from MJR Sales. 

2. Fancy Black Blouses

With all of the colored denim and neon workout clothes in stores this summer, sometimes I feel refreshed when just sticking to black. Especially when they have some beautiful details on them like dots or a pearl collar (from F21).

I recently got this metallic black top with gold dots on it, from Shop Miss Chic. This top is so versatile and I love how it fits.  Haven't heard of Shop Miss Chic? You better hop on over and shop your hearts out. The clothes are affordable and they get stocked weekly which means you won't see 50 other girls out and about in your same top. 

A little bonus if you like the top I'm wearing: 
Use the code "KeepCalm10" (case sensitive) for 10% off the top. 

3. Football Season

{and since I got some questions before on instagram-yes, that is Ali from the Bachelor in the top right pic..}

This one is a no brainer. You all know my love for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Since we were in California for the opening game, this past weekend was our first one tail gaiting for it. I know you've heard it before from others, but it's definitely my favorite time of year. It turned out to be a beautiful fall day, so I opted for comfort and wore leggings with a long tank and a vintage Ohio State sweatshirt. We came away with a win and after the game I crashed. Isn't that always how it goes? Football season is also a lovely reminder of how old I feel like I'm getting. 

4. Fall decorations

This past weekend I got the chance to unpack some of our fall decor from the basement and put away the summer items. There is nothing better than fall decor. The picture above is the new centerpiece for our kitchen table right now and I'm really loving it!

Has anyone tried Bath and Body Works wallflower scent called "Autumn Day"? Pure HEAVEN, I tell you. Buy it and your husband will tell you 5x per day how awesome your house smells. Along with fall scents, Scenty's "Apple Pie" is pretty remarkable. It gives off the impression to others that you just baked for 5 hours in the kitchen, and at the same time makes you want to eat 24/7. Worth it.

5. My Sunday Funday sweatshirt

Forever21 made me really happy when they made this one. Not only is it the softest sweatshirt I own but every time I go in public with it on, it always makes someone laugh! Love that.

What are you recent obsessions?
Tell me one thing (or 5) that you love lately so I can try it out!

Don't forget to use the 10% off code for the metallic black top.

We're discussing wine and what happens when a vino like myself visits Napa Valley.
 Hope you're as excited as I am!



  1. I totally thought that was Ali when I saw that picture on Instagram but then I was like welll maybe it's not and I don't want to sound like a weirdo haha! How fun! Love that black and gold top and I love how you paired it with the non skinny jeans! So cute :)

  2. So fun! I am loving some Gamecock football, the fact that we're attending a wedding this weekend and this amazing weather! :)

  3. Yeaaa Buckeyes!!! :) Although Purdue is my #1 Big 10 (or is it 12 now!?) team, I still have a special place for the Buckeyes!!

    And might I add ... your outfit for the wedding is gorgeous!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. So many great things today! And I have to agree, there's nothing better than Fall scents. I like to keep them burning throughout the year. :)

  5. I always love seeing your buckeye outfits! Love all of them. I need to get a little creative with mine...I usually just do jersey and jeans! Thanks for the inspiration and go bucks :)

  6. Loving that polka dot top and how pretty are those flowers. Football season is my favorite - i`m going to the Michigan game this Saturday and still have no idea what to wear lol. xo

  7. OMG! $12?! That dress is SO cute!! What a deal!!!

  8. I love the dress you wore to that wedding and $12?!?! Hello amazing!!!
    I am so glad it is finally football season! I wish I lived close enough to Knoxville to tailgate every weekend. I guess I will stick to booze on the couch while yelling at the TV.

  9. yay for football season! I love your sweatshirt, I really want the old navy vintage Duke one. I gotta say though I can't even imagine being able to wear a sweatshirt to a football game. If I went to a football game, I would most likely be getting suburned now and in october!

  10. One thing i'm obsessing over right now is this AMAZING weather we're having here in DC. Sunny skies, low 70s. Perfection to the max

  11. Dangggg, sisterfriend! You look smokin' in green!! Get it! I will gladly accompany you to a wedding anytime, I'm a great date. I like to get real toasty and break it down on the dance floor.

  12. Nothing better than football season! Love putting together fun outfits for Alabama...thankfully houndstooth is in right now :)

    One thing that I love lately? Pssssst Dry Shampoo: http://domesticdivasintraining.blogspot.com/2012/08/friday-fav_24.html
    Seriously, it's the best!

  13. I will be attending my first ever OSU tail gait/football game this coming weekend! I am so excited! And your pictures make it all look so fun!

  14. Love it ALL!!!!!!! That Sunday Funday sweater is pretty stinkin' awesome. I love your fall decorations, too!

  15. I saw the polka dot shirt and immediately went to get it and they are sold out of large! I'm gonna be on the lookout for it! Obsessed.

  16. LOVE SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate Monday :(

  17. love love love that dress and you can't beat that deal!!!

  18. I love weddings! I was the first one on the dance floor at my cousin's wedding last fall. Love the dress you wore!

    I love football, BUT our teams are major rivals. Go blue!

  19. Count me in as loving the polka dot top! Also, I think I'm going to copy your table centerpiece...I love the look of fall hyndrangeas/flowers and I just saw a white pitcher at the store recently. It is perfect so thanks for the idea :)


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