Beautify Your iPhone {+ A Look Into Lake Tahoe)

Just popping in real quick to share a new Etsy shop I've come to love! 
(I swear, I find a new one every other week...love that website.)

I know that there are a lot of shops out there who do personalized/monogrammed cell phone covers and they are all over the place in blogland, but so many of them charge an arm and a leg for one! I refuse to pay half of a hundred dollars for a case that is just going to get dirty in a couple months...who's with me on this?

Simply Monogram is my new favorite shop because the cases are extremely affordable (we're talking less than $20.00), plenty of cute and modern designs to choose from, and they will do custom colors for you. Cha-ching.

I asked them to make mine pictured above in Ohio State football colors (do you expect any less from me?) to use during this football season and I absolutely love it! Simply Monogram has silicone cases and hard cases available (in white and black), but I prefer the silicone case (it is still hard on the back). Isn't she cute? Go get yourself one!

Alright, I've to get back to getting caught up on my life post vacation. But before I go, how about a little teaser (if you will) of what is to come? Yes? 

You can expect the first recap of our trip on Monday, which will highlight our time spent in the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. #obsessed #takemeback

I'd like to add that there is no "fall is in the air" currently here in Ohio. It's upper 80's, hot and humid. If you couldn't tell, this is me wanting Lake Tahoe/Northern California weather back. It was in the 70's everyday and hit the 60's at night. Now that is "fall in the air". Update: it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow for OSU tailgaiting. I can handle that! Who will be cheering on my Buckeyes with me? Any takers?!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I mean, it has been a two day work week for us so I guess I can handle another weekend. ;) Sorry, that was obnoxious, wasn't it? I had to! Anyways, our weekend plans consist of our first wedding of the season tonight (LOVE weddings! Speaking of-we have 3 in the next month) and tailgaiting for the Ohio State on Saturday. Therefore, all our massive mounds of laundry laying around our house, cleaning, and grocery shopping needs to be done like RIGHT NOW. Oh, and I know a special 7 lb Pomeranian who is going to get some serious lovin' this weekend as well.

Go Buckeyes!

PS-The winner of the GroopDealz $25 gift card is Jes Sica. Congratulations! I will be emailing you.
PPS-How adorable are these football rice crispy treats? Whitney, too! 

Ok, I'm out.


  1. secret blogger i say either natasha of schue love or jane of in the pink and green :-)

  2. I ordered a monogram case from that Etsy store a little while back and am stillllll loving it.

    I don't want to look at these Lake Tahoe photos... you know, unless you're going to take me up on packing me in your suitcase and going back. Or if that's where our reality show will be filmed. Either/or. You can choose.

  3. Totally just ordered a cell phone case!! Can't wait for it to come in. SOOO cute. I have had the same one for a year bc I refuse to pay a bazillion dollars. So ridiculous.

    I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!

  4. I ordered a case yesterday :) yay! I did order OSU colors (I know I am such a copy cat) but I didnt order the same one as you .. just the same colors :) laaaa uu!

  5. thansk for posting about this site, I've been looking for an inexpensive monogram phone case for forever! Now all I have to is pick one...

  6. Oooh I spy Rum Runners!!! They are so yummy! Can't wait for your posts!

  7. Super cute phone cover! & GREAT prices too! I will definitely be looking into their store! Have a great weekend!

  8. We went to Lake Tahoe for our babymoon and I loved it! I can't wait to hear about your time there and see if some of the things we did overlapped!

  9. your instagram pics were UGH-maaaze! can't wait for the full recap AND hear all about your blogger meetup.

    ok i have totally been looking for a new iphone case so i am checking out this site!

    happy friday muffin!

  10. love that you went to tahoe! I just live 3-4 hrs away so that's our home away from home. I just love it there!

  11. Can't wait to hear all about the trip! :)

  12. Excited to hear all about your trip and i'll be cheering on the buckeyes this weekend all the way from Texas!

  13. Can't wait to hear alllllll about the trip!! XO

  14. Seriously going to order one of those cell phone cases! They are sooo much cheaper than other monogrammed ones!


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