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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Here are a few items that I've recently bought that if I could wear them everyday, I would. This black peplum top will be perfect to transition into the fall and can be paired with shorts, skirts, or a dress underneath. I finally got the Jack Rogers (in Platinum) that everyone raves about and I feel more Southern already! ;) They are so comfortable and versatile. I'm kinda obsessed with them. This Old Navy plaid top I have in multiple colors and I love how lightweight they are {true to their name!}.
 What have you bought recently that you love?

Also, as most of you know, skincare is so important in the summertime. 
No one wants skin damage or wrinkles, now do they?!
Lucky for you, my girl Chelsea is here today to share her favorite skincare products with you. Chelsea has an adorable blog called Ruesch Love where she talks about her recent travels to California, her husband Jeremy, and her puppies!

Take it away, Chels.
then pop on over to her blog and get to know her!

Hi! I'm Chelsea and I blog over at Ruesch Love. Thanks to Katie for letting me share a little of her space with me today. I love meeting new bloggers and reading as many blogs posts as I can squeeze in before the work day starts. Bloglovin' really is a beautiful thing isn't it? If you haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet, I highly recommend. It pulls all of your favorite blogs onto one page and you can choose post by post what you want to read. It's lovely.

Okay, so enough about that. One thing that you ought to know about me is that I tend to ramble and go off on tangents. See above for example. Over is my little bloggy world I tend to write about things I love, like thing things. I have a serious shopping problem, it drives my husband nuts. Speaking of my husband, he's cute and I refer to him as j.rue. He keeps things light and slow paced and I'm right there behind him pushing things along and trying to make things all on task and serious like. We balance each other out nicely and have way to much fun together. I also use my blog as a place to write my opinions on very important topics like my fur babies, when one has too many shoes (never), food, and other life altering events with a huge scoop of sarcasm on top when necessary. Mostly, I just try not to take myself too seriously. I have to do that at my day job, and need I say more?

When I was thinking about what I was going to write for a guest post, I was having a hard time coming up with something. On my own blog I can ramble about whatever suits my fancy and it doesn't even have to make much sense. If no one wants to read it then, okey dokey. BUT writing on someone else's blog bring pressure, you know what I mean? I don't really cook, I'm not an amazing DIYer, and I am an academic advisor during the day. Titillating, right? So, I settled on something that I just love, skincare.

DISCLAIMER: I just like to think of myself as an informed consumer. I do not claim extensive knowledge about skin. Meaning, take what I say with a grain of salt (applied to everything I say actually) and do your own research. Hey, it might become fun. 

So, here we go:

#1. A Clarisonic, and style. I promise you will not regret it if you have not already taken the plunge. It has completely changed my skin. If you absolutely refuse to pay that kind of moolah for a face brush I've also heard good things about the Olay brush that you can get for about $20 on Amazon. Just get one. NOW.
#2. African Black Soap. This stuff is delicious, and a total game changer. I heard about it a while back and was intrigued, so of course I did my research. This bar of soap claims anti-acne AND anti-wrinkle magic, plus it's all natural. Oh, and if you're agonizing over whether or not to buy the Clarisonic, this bar costs $3, so use the money you're saving from all of your expensive cleaners and buy a Clarisonic. They should pay me to problem solve. Seriously. I won't get too much into it because this post is already MUCH too long, but I will leave with with a side story.
When I first got the soap I immediately jumped in the shower and used it and then forgot to take it out. A few hours later j.rue jumped in the shower and nervously asked my why there was a turd in the shower. Then he asked if he could use it. The soap literally looks like a turd, but what did your mother teach you? Don't judge a book by it's cover.
#3 Moroccan Rose Water as a toner. It moisturizes and also packs a nice anti-aging punch. Plus it makes your face smell all fancy.
#4 LUSH Imperialis Moisturizer. I don't think you could go wrong with any of their stuff.
#5 Jason's Vitamin E Oil - for body and FACE. Yes, I said it. Every time I bring this stuff up, people freak out about how you should never put oil on your face. Well, I use it (the 5,000 IU) on my face and it never makes me break out. Here are a ton of positive reviews and information if you would like some more information.
#6 SPF. I don't care what kind you use, just please please please use it. Come on, I'm practically begging and we just met. It's probably the best thing you can do for you skin. I'm partial to this and this.
#7 L'OCCITANE Pure Shea Butter. I have multiple tubs of this laying around and I even carry a little guy in my purse. Here are 50 reasons why you need this. now.

Thanks again to Katie for letting me hang out with you guys today!
 Have a good one my friends and stop by my blog and say hi.

...go show her some love, will ya?!

What are your must have skincare items? 
Have you tried any of these products?
The LUSH products have me intrigued..I'm thinking I need to try those soon.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have three of those Old Navy plaid shirts including that particular color! Love them! I need that peplum top in my life though :)

  2. I love that Peplum top! I'm really dying to get something in that trend, that seems like the perfect item! I just bought some brown sandals from Target that I am pumped to wear!

  3. Prepare to be obsessed with Jack Rogers...I think they are the absolute perfect shoe. You can dress them up or down and they match everything. They do take a little breaking in when you first get them but they are amazing!!

    PS. LOVE that peplum top!!

  4. I think I might have to invest in a clarisonic. I am hearin alot of good things about it!


  5. i love blogs like this! i am running to the store after work to try the african black soap!

  6. I love that Chelsea uses natural skincare! I might have to pick up some of those things!

    For the Record

  7. Katie, did you mention FALL in your post!? Ugh, I want to hit you right now. *wink*. And I love this guest post! I take my skin care pretty seriously too. I once even turned all crazy scientist and made my own organic face care line from scratch and gave them as Christmas presents. It was awesome. But too expensive. And I had to buy a scale and a special immersion blender and all sorts of tubes and pumps to hold everything in. It was really fun though.
    I've heard of African Black Soap before. I had forgotten about it though. Thanks for the reminder!

    Chels, what do you think of eye cream??

  8. That camp shirt is for sure on my list to buy this weekend- love the colorful checks!

  9. I am SO proud of your Jack Rogers purchase!! You will absolutely love them- I practically live in mine. You're definitely a smidge more southern now :)

    Love all the great recommendations from Chelsea. I'll have to checkout that soap!


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