Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday lovelies!

What did everyone get into this weekend?
Did you celebrate Cinco de mayo?!

You betcha I did.

Mexican food, margaritas, patio's...?
Don't have to ask me twice!

On Friday, we met some friends at the Goat (a bar/housing complex that we hang out a lot during the summer) for a bit and took it easy since we knew we would be celebrating cinco de drinko (creative, I know ;)) the following day.

Saturday, we went and visited our second home (Home Depot) and I picked out a cart full of flowers to plant in our yard and a pot on our front porch. Billy and our friend Mike shopping around for stain for our deck and actually decided to re-do our deck a bit and paint some of it white. I got all the planting done and then it was time to celebrate with friends. A bunch of us went out to eat at a mexican restaurant and then went to my girlfriend Emily's who had people over to watch the Derby and drink some margaritas.

Coral seemed to be the color of the day... :)

this right here, is just pure genius...

I'll take two.
Just kidding, I could actually barely finish one.

On Sunday, we had plans to go kayaking but Billy thought the river was too high because of previous storms we've had recently so we passed on that, and went to the driving range instead. The weather was perfect for it.

Later that evening our friends Marissa and Mike came over for dinner and to hang out.

Planted my favorite daisies in a pot
 for our front porch...

This weekend made me realize how much I love this time of year
where almost everything you do on the weekends is outside. :)

Loving it.

On a more serious note-my Dad had a trip to the ER this weekend. My parents went out to dinner and quickly afterwards he felt extremely sick and had a horrible pain in his stomach. My stepmom Judy said he turned white and she rushed him to the ER. When they got there, he turned to her and said he couldn't breathe. They got him back and did a crazy amount of tests and actually kept him there until about 4 in the morning. Luckily, all the tests turned out OK, and the doctor thinks it was just a bad case of gastristis.

Really scary to hear about, but luckily he is OK.
It puts other small, pety things into perspective.
Health and family are always #1.

How was your weekend?!

Did anyone watch RHONJ last night? Seriously intense!
Sucks me in everytime. Team Melissa, just sayin'.


  1. Love your dress. I am really loving coral this season and keep buying things in that color. Looks like it was warmer in Ohio than in Boston this weekend. We are still waiting for the warm weather to come back! Rain is coming again for the next few days! :(

  2. LOVE your dress!! :) and I gotta plant some flowers, yours look so good! ... Yesterdays weather was amaze! Cant wait for pool time this summer!

  3. You are SO gorgeous Katie! I ordered that necklace too...after your recommendation! Can't wait for it to arrive. I'm glad you had a good weekend and that your dad is okay!

  4. It sounds like you had such a fun weekend!!! Minus your Dad's trip to the ER. That's so scary! So glad he's ok ;)

  5. You look adorable! Love the dress and the jewelry and the shoes... ok love it all... and love love love RHONJ! I love all things bravo but jersey is my favorite since that's where I'm from - grew up about 15 minutes from all those wackos lol... team melissa all the way...and hate to admit it but i love her new song!




  6. Love your dress! You look so pretty!

  7. I have that same dress! Love it!

  8. So many things....
    LOVE that dress!

    We are in the process of re-staining our deck too...not the most fun I've ever had.

    Glad to hear your dad is doing better!

    I havent watched last nights RHONJ but I do really love Melissa...that song she did for Joe, too cute!

  9. Looks like a great weekend! :) I was excited to be outside all weekend working in the yard, and then it rained the WHOLE weekend. We barely got the grass cut! Made for some good lazy movie time though. HAHA

  10. Loving your outfit! Too cute :) That margarita looks intense, I think I need to try one of those! Love your flowers, the colors are so pretty :)Happy Monday sweet girl!

  11. Glad your dad is ok! And that you you such a fun weekend! Love your dress! :)

  12. Love your dress! Super cute! A friend of our had a Corona-rita? I guess you would call it. No way I could have one! LOL!

  13. Gotta ask where you got that dress! so cute! and yes, Team Melissa here all the way!!

  14. It looks like y'all had such a great weekend! I loved your dress...well your whole outfit really :) Glad to hear your daddy is doing all right, hearing your loved one is ill can be so scary!

  15. What a fun weekend and what stylish friends. Do tell where that dress and those flops came from?

  16. Sounds like a fantastic weekend :) And I'm glad your dad is ok. LOVE the dress! and I have to know where you got that necklace? I know Jcrew has one for a bajillion $$ but I thought you did a post on the one you have that was not so expensive..anyways...you look so pretty in it! Oh, and I totally agree, team Melissa. Have a great week!

  17. glad to hear you dad is okay! I am so in love with coral & that dress is too cute! This is the first year we haven't gone to our annual derby party - just to hard with a 3 week old :(

  18. I gotta know, did you hit some balls? :) I am so proud if so. I am in love with that striped dress you are wearing.

  19. Sounds like a fabulous cinco de mayo!!! And I concur with the others...über cute dress and of course, this is a given, the necklace is to die for!

    Glad to hear pops is ok!

  20. Looks like a great weekend! I'm glad everything is OK with your dad. It's good he went to the ER just in case it was more serious! That is super scary.

  21. Suuuuper cute outfit! Where is the dress from? So glad to hear that your Dad is ok! That is some scary stuff!!

  22. Oh my gosh I'm so glad to hear your dad is ok!! That's so scary!! Love that you and Billy went to the driving range- I'm determined to learn golf sometime this year...

  23. Oh my gosh I'm so glad to hear your dad is ok!! That's so scary!! Love that you and Billy went to the driving range- I'm determined to learn golf sometime this year...

  24. Thank God your dad is OK! That's scary :(

    Looks like aside from that you had a great weekend! Love your outfit! And i have the blue top that your friend wore :)

    P.S. I was late getting back to work a bit ago because I HAD to watch the whole ep of RHONJ. Best Housewives of them all! I think Melissa is more sane and logical BUT I do think that all of them take digs at Teresa and are not innocent by any means. I love the drama lol!

  25. Glad you had a great weekend! Looks like it was so fun!

    So glad your dad is ok!

  26. Looks like a fun weekend. I am loving your dress! xo

  27. Are you eating?? You look skinny mini. You best fatten up before I get there so I'm not the only chunky monkey next to Jess & Errrcuh. WOrd.

  28. OK LOVES your dress. I was admiring it on Insty-gram this weekend ;) I probably ate a whole bag of tortilla chips on Saturday but what can I say...they wuz delish :)

  29. Love Cinco de Mayo, and love your dress!

  30. girl, so glad your dad is ok. that is scary stuff!!

    on a higher note -you look beautiful and so do your gal pals! looks like an awesome weekend!

    it was funny at my bible study last week we decided to go back and read old prayer requests and my first one was for my "friend katie's knee" haha glad that was an answered one!



  31. That dress looks so great on you! I can't pull off stripes, haha. Love all the coral too! Keeping your dad in my prayers that he stays well! Health and family really are number one!!

  32. Hey! I'm a pretty new follower. I don't think I've said hello yet, though. I also wanted to tell you that I made your chickpea tacos for my hubby tonight and they were delish. I'm pretty sure I could just snack on those roasted chickpeas. So yum!

  33. Okay, seriously where did you get that dress? I LOVE it! Looks so good on you! You're gorgeous!

  34. Love the dress! Glad your dad is okay!

  35. could that dress look ANYMORE perfect on you!!?? love the entire outfit omgosh!

    driving range awwww yeah!! Tell Bill he has great stance! (hahah this is not meant to be a creepy comment lol i taught golf for a few years ahhah!!)

    praying for your dad baby G...health and family are definately number 1. Will pray for him lover <3 <3

    i missed RHONJ UGH! missing all my shows this week while housesitting! chasing puppies haha!

    love you! need to reply to your email! annnndd....17 days!


  36. I love Cinco De Mayo....any reason to drink lots of tequila is a good reason to party for me!!!
    That Corona Margarita looks amazinggggg.

    So glad to know your dad is ok! I can't imagine how scary that was.

  37. Love the striped dress! Where is it from??


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