Who Do I Look Like?! {My Doppelganger}

Just a quick, fun post today.. :)

I had to do this "Who's Your Doppelganger?" linkup with miss Raven.
These things are usually completely bogus, but I wanted to give it a shot! I think in years past when I was playing with it once, I got told Oprah.
 Hmm...yeah, I can see it. 

Here's who I got when I plugged my picture into my Heritage:

I've never been told that I look like ANY of these women.
Rachel Bilson..super cute, but she has brown eyes. Hayden? Hmmm..I don't know..maybe because of the small features?

What do you think? Do I resemble any of them?!

I can't tell you how many times in real life I've gotten that I look like the lady from Bones.
Emily Deschanel.

I kid you not, I once had a man follow me around my local shopping mall, who finally approached me after me trying to avoid him at all costs, asking me if I WAS her. When I said no, he was seriously shocked. Whatt....!?

I even got it again this past weekend when we were out at the bar.
A guy walked past me and said, "Bones lady!"

...Billy's mom also thinks I look JUST like her.

I see it because of our noses..I guess.

So, tell me, do you see it?!

My bestie, Lindsay, tells me Katie Holmes, but she is clearly just being my best friend and would tell me I looked like Gisele if I wanted her to.

Go link up with Raven and join the fun!

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  1. I definitely think you look most like Emily Deschanel!! I get compared to Cameron Diaz, I actually did a post a little while ago about it!


  2. That is too funny I just did this too and Rachel Bilson and Tiffany Thiesen were on mine too. I don't see that at all ha!

  3. I can def see it. Y'all for sure have the same nose.
    I would have freaked if some guy was following me around.

  4. I would definitely say Emily Deschanel over any of the ladies at the top.

  5. Yours are good, you should see mine.... scary!

  6. oooh, I do see it!! this was a super fun link up! Ive been loving everyones look alikes!!

  7. I do see the resemblance to Emily Deschanel!

  8. I see it but I actually peg you closer to Rachel Bilson

  9. I can see the resemblance with Emily..but I think your friend Lindsay is right also..I can see a little bit of Katie Holmes too!

  10. Um, I did the test you did and #1 was Beyonce. I mean, while I'd love to look like Beyonce I am blue eyed, blonder haired, & pale as a ghost. I call foul on that one!

    I agree, you do look like Emily Deschanel!

  11. i agree with the Emily Deschanel!!

  12. Too fun! You TOTALLY look like her! I have no idea who my Doppleganger would be...I've heard random things over the years, but nothing consistent!

  13. hmmm i dunno!! I kinda see it. You look like someone but I can't think of it. I will get back to you!!!!!!!

  14. omg the bones girl!! you DO look like her!! i would have stalked you too ;-)




  15. OMG! I never noticed you looked like "Bones lady"!!! I totally see it now. Whoa mama!

  16. I can totally see Rachel Bilson and Emily Deschanel! I used to play around with this when I was a teenager and it said that I looked like Katie Couric too! Weirdest person ever.

  17. I don't see any of the ones it pinned you with, but definitely see the Emily Deschanel resemblance.

  18. You definitely look like Emily D...I cannot see Katie Holmes at all plus the Emily actress is way hotter!!! :)

  19. Omg you definitely look like Emily! Wow!

  20. Ok I TOTALLY see the Bones lady!!! Except you're tanner, of course!! She's GORG and well, so are you DUH!! I would have followed you around the store too. I'm creepy like that.


  21. So I'm cracking up about the Oprah thing... then I do it and everyone I look like is asian (I'm not lol) Too funny!


  22. You totally look like Emily. Definitely can see it!


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